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SaaS & Cloud Benefits


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Introduction and benefits of SaaS and Cloud Computing

Published in: Technology, Business
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SaaS & Cloud Benefits

  1. 1. SAAS & CLOUD BENEFITS by Dhruv Gupta © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2.  Cloud Computing is the outsourcing of your IT infrastructure via the Internet.  Rather than maintaining your own hardware and software environment, cloud computing provides computing resources (such as CPU, memory, and data storage) on demand via a service provider (vendor).  Cloud services are often compared in their nature to utility services such as gas or electricity. It is there when you need it, as much as you need, and you pay as you go and only for what you use. DEFINITIONS © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3.  “SaaS” stands for “Software-as-a-Service” and is a method of delivering software.  Traditionally, software has been installed on computers, but SaaS enables end users to access the same software via a web browser – but the software itself is hosted by the vendor (in the cloud).  If the software application doesn’t completely run in the web browser it’s not SaaS, no matter what the vendor may claim.  Common examples of SaaS / Cloud solutions include Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, and many others. DEFINITIONS © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. BENEFITS © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5.  Its platform, location, and device independent and accessible from any system connected to the internet via a web browser. This enables “anywhere working”. ACCESSIBILITY © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6.  You need less computing power. Desktop applications require high memory and processing speed for complex applications such as recruitment software.  You get unlimited storage capacity which you can use when you need it. Your desktop or server is always going to be limited by storage. PERFORMANCE © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7.  No installation is required since the application runs in the browser. You can avoid the time and effort required to download and install software.  Desktop applications need to be updated periodically and manually. Cloud applications are updated and maintained by the vendor. When you login you always automatically see the latest version.  Since everyone uses the same version of the application, the inputs from other customers means regular improvements in the usability, performance, and functionality of the application. MAINTENANCE © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8.  Move from capital investments (CapEx) to operating expenditures (OpEx). So that means you eliminate the cost of purchasing and maintaining software / servers and paying IT staff, and you can focus on the core mission of your business.  Small investment and short implementation cycle to get started. Most vendors offer free trials.  An on-going monthly expense is easier to incorporate into your budget than a large one-time outlay. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time without losing a large initial investment. COST & TIME SAVINGS © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9.  Ability to scale up and down quickly based on the resource needs. In this agile business world, scaling becomes integral to any business’ strategy.  Very easily expand your teams locally, regionally, or globally. This significantly reduces time to market and ensures your teams are all on the same page. FLEXIBILITY © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10.  Vendors follow industry best practices to keep data safe and have access to the best physical infrastructure security similar to that of Fortune 500 companies and control internal access to data to the bare minimum. SECURITY © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11.  As cloud computing gains traction with enterprises and end users so that they can focus on their core competencies instead, many applications are moving to the cloud.  Cloud applications are often less expensive, simple to manage, and easy to update and use as they are delivered through a web browser. CONCLUSION © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12.  Valuehire is an Enterprise SaaS product for recruitment automation.  We help Agency and Corporate recruiters do their work better, resulting in faster hires. © Copyright 2014 Valuehire, All Rights Reserved.