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RESTful Web services in Drupal 8


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In Drupal 8, Web services are open standard-based Web applications that interact with other web applications to exchange data, using XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.

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RESTful Web services in Drupal 8

  1. 1. RestFul Web Services in Drupal 8 Accessing Node with API Key Sarada Prasad Prusty @Twitter -
  2. 2. A web service is a unit of managed code that can be remotely invoked using HTTP. web services to exchange data over computer networks like the Internet . What is Web Services?
  3. 3. Why Web Services ? Web services allows you to expose the functionality of your existing code over the network . It makes application platform and technology independent.
  4. 4. RestFul WebServices REpresentational State Transfer is an architectural style i.e. a set of guidelines for building a web service . RESTful web services are light weight, highly scalable and maintainable and are very commonly used to createAPIs for web-based applications .
  5. 5. How it Works ?
  6. 6. Rest Defines some methods GET: to receive the resource representation POST: to add some information PUT: modify the resources DELETE: delete the resources
  7. 7. Web Services in Drupal 8 In Drupal 8, Web Services are built into Core .
  8. 8. Modules in Drupal Core
  9. 9. View to Export Data With Rest API
  10. 10. Custom Rest Method Create API key in backend Access Node with API key
  11. 11. How to Set API key ? Create admin form for Setting API key
  12. 12. Routing and Permission Creating routing to access the content and set permission for API form
  13. 13. THANK YOU