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Automation testing for beginners on Selenium


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In this short presentation, Chirag Munjayasara, Drupal Consultant has explained about automation testing on Selenium using a set of tools, such as TestingWhiz, HP – QTP, TestComplete, Ranorex, Sahi.
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Automation testing for beginners on Selenium

  1. 1. Automation Testing for beginners on Selenium Chirag Munjayasara.
  2. 2. Tools for Automation Testing ● TestingWhiz ● HP – QTP ● TestComplete ● Ranorex ● Sahi
  3. 3. ● One of the oldest and continuation upgrading automation tools ● Great online community ● The main advantage is its “FREE” Why Selenium?
  4. 4. ● By ID ● By Name ● By ClassName ● By Link text ● By Xpath (use firepath in firefox) ○ Firepath is not supported by firefox 56 so please do not upgrade. Locate Elements in Selenium
  5. 5. ● TestNG stands for Test Next Generation ● It is inspired from JUnit framework ● It is a framework designed to cover all categories of tests like unit, functional, end-end, integration etc... What is TestNG
  6. 6. ● Annotations are easier to understand (more annotations than Junit) ● Generate Logs ● Create an HTML reports ● Dependent Method Advantages over JUnit
  7. 7. Thank you