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Apple IPad versus Laptop


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When it comes to applications, it is not a doubt that Apple IPad has more applications, unlike most laptops. Since Apple IPad is a product of Apple, there are tons of applications, which users can be enjoyed. That is why many people who love discovering new apps, consider purchasing Apple IPad. But, if your work or passion is related to designing, a laptop is much appropriate gadget for you.

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Apple IPad versus Laptop

  1. 1. Apple IPad Versus Laptop
  2. 2. When Apple IPad was released to the market, many said that it can be a replacement for laptops. However, not all agreed that Apple IPad can replace the laptops because each one of the two has different features, which can be used in various applications in today’s society. So, which is better between Apple IPad and laptop?
  3. 3. SIZE When it comes to size, Apple IPad is much portable compared to laptops because it is small and lightweight. You can even operate Apple IPad while you are walking or you are in your vehicle.
  4. 4. Software and Ports Compatibility Apple IPad has limited ports, and there is software that is not compatible to it. If you will be needing discs, laptops are the best option for you because Apple IPad does not have a DVD or disc drive. Apple IPad has also limited USB ports, which are essential to some users.
  5. 5. Storage Space & Battery Life Apple IPad has a small storage space and short battery life compared to laptops. There are laptops that can be used for several hours or even days most particularly if you don’t have an installed application that utilized your laptop’s RAM.
  6. 6. APPLICATIONS Just like IPhones, it is no doubt that Apple IPad has more applications than laptops. That is why many people who love discovering new apps, consider purchasing Apple IPad. But, if your work or passion is related to designing, a laptop is the appropriate gadget for you.
  7. 7. PRICE In terms of price, Apple IPad comes with a bit costly price tag. However, with its features, the money you have spent will be all worth it. The price of the laptops, on the other hand, may vary. It is because the cost of laptops depends on the specs and brand.
  8. 8. USER INTERFACE One of the advantages of Apple IPad is that it has a user-friendly and intuitive user interface. Its screen comprises more pixels, which is much better than most of available laptops in today’s market. Apple IPad is touch screen, which makes it more user-friendly compared to those laptops that use many a touch pad or mouse just to access a particular application.
  9. 9. Overall, your choice depends on your preferences. You can choose any between the two. But, make sure that you have chosen the one that will benefit you in the long run. So, when purchasing a laptop or Apple IPad, always consider taking note of their differences because they can help you the right one that will provide you benefits.
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