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Writer’s workshop


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Published in: Education, Business
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Writer’s workshop

  1. 1. What do you like to write about?
  2. 2. Writing Genres Small moments…  ProceduralHere’s a glimpse of one Writing:part of my exciting day!  How to braid hair.  How to ride a bike.…When the rollercoaster creakedto the tippity top of the track, my  Skateboarding in 3 easyeyes opened wide and I let out ascream as we plummeted down steps!the steep track!
  3. 3. Writing for othersLetter Writing Persuasive Writing Dear Mom,  Dear Dad, I am having an awesome time  Can my BFF sleep over every at camp! I am learning Friday night? You won’t have archery and am swimming to drive me to her house, we every day. The food is o.k. but won’t stay up past midnight, I I miss your mac and cheese! don’t have school the next Love, day, and you want me to be Amy happy, right?  Hopefully yours,  Amy
  4. 4. Poetry I saw a seashell on the sand Pink and white in my hand Who lived in it long ago?What creature that I’ll never know? I’ll keep the shell For memories Of sand and sun and shiny seas.
  5. 5. Informational Writing  Do you love penguins, bears, or squid? Be an expert in something you love!Use books, the computer, charts, and posters to find your facts.Then order them and tell us all about them!
  6. 6. Be an author Narratives, How-To books Letters Persuasive writing Informational There’s so much to tell about!