Murder mystery aftershock scene investigators show


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Murder mystery aftershock scene investigators show

  1. 1. By Yadira Flores, ValreeMartinez, George Saenz, and Virgina The Aftershock Scene Investigators
  2. 2.  Wife- Golda Digga Music Partner- Haff Note Nurse- Ima Bimbeaux Managing Buisness Partner- Lyan Vios Mystery person – “HoneyBear”
  3. 3.  Nurse claimed to have checked in at 10:45 pm, Ano was fast asleep supposedly. Wife claimed to kiss Ano goodnight at 12:00 am, Ano was asleep had to wake him. Left Ano and Lyan to talk. Lyan claimed to have left around 12:30 am.
  4. 4.  Lyan let himself in at about 6:15 am. Nurse sets her alarm to 6:45 am, but phone alarm didn’t wake her, it was the beeping noise. She can’t provide a time of waking up. Nurse ran downstairs “I knew he was dead because of the beeping noise, his thumbnails and lips were blue” and called 911,before anyone else knew, disconnected machines. informed wife and Lyan Vios.
  5. 5.  Transcript of Haff Note Transcript of Ima Bimbeaux Transcript of Golda Digga Transcript of Lyan Vios Yearbook picture Letter: purchase order Carnegie Hall Flyer Cellphone screen shot Medicine bottle
  6. 6.  Letter confirms the purchase of Soundbeam, was found in the trashcan had the finger prints of Haff, Golda, and Lyan. Cellphone belongs to Ima. Medicine bottle belongs to Haff.
  7. 7.  Golda and Lyan have had an affair going on for a few years Haff Note has a bipolar disorder Golda is sometimes emotional and depressed Haff Note might be jealous due to always be second best and in the career of the band. Golda was recently changed as a primary beneficiary on Ano’s will. Ano’s career was about to take off again due to the Soundbeam purchase.
  8. 8.  After Ima ran to Ano’s room to confirm the beeping noise, she claimed to call 911, after that she was waiting, during that time she decided to turn off his oxygen, support and monitors. Why was she waiting? She could respond with yelling to get the attention of others in the house? Only when Golda and Lyan came downstairs she appeared crying and ready to tell them of his death.
  9. 9.  Ima confirms to have a “crush” on Haff Note. Ima states that Golda and Lyan make fun of her by saying “ Don’t let the bed bugs bite” Ima never mentioned in her statement to have been in the Ano’s room with Mr. Vios(Lyan) Ima hid (Honey Bear)?
  10. 10.  Feb. 13, 2000- Ano was in a town called Fishkill in transit to New York to perform for Valentines Day at Carnegie Hall. Car accident where Ano just lost control of the car. Sounds like tampering. Haff Note was waiting for Ano in New York back in 2000 for the Carnegie Hall performance. Possible suspects around this timeframe (yr.2000) – wife, Lyan and Haff, the nurse was not present then.
  11. 11.  Administering the medicine through the Baclofen pump. Service Maintenance – 2weeks ago Bimbeaux might not be so dumb?
  12. 12.  For Honeybear ( Haff Note ) Haff Note is not a runner up anymore? Need to complete something that already started years ago (Feb.14, 2000).
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