The Public Services Act


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This presentation was delivered by the new economics foundation and looks at the Public Services Social Value Act and how VCS organisations can improve their competitive advantage when tendering to deliver public contracts by demonstrating the social value of the work they do.

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  • background into SROI, how it is used
  • In other words, they need to take steps to show that they have been through a consideration process to reduce any challenge (with consultation if necessary), but how they wish to do this will depend on the body in question. It’s our hope at nef that public bodies will use the Act as an opportunity to gain better value from their commissioning, maximising the returns to society rather than aiming for the bare minimum to avoid legal challenge.  
  • After efficiency, it’s all about quality – measure of effectiveness, measuring what matters to stakeholder holders.VfM isn’t this ‘thing’ that you doWHY IS THIS IMPORTANT WHEN WE CONSIDER THE CURRENT SITUATION LINKS BETWEEN SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT, LOCAL ECONOMY, LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, TRADE OFF BETWEEN ECONOMIC OUTCOMES AND WELLBEINGUsed to look at policies and interventions- nef has done a lot of work looking at interventions and on a wider scale has produced some controversial reports- what different professions are worth to society. It’s about looking past the easy to access data and moving to the “so what..?”.
  • The Public Services Act

    1. 1. Social Value ActThe Public Services (Social Value) Act Rosie Maguire 14th November 2012 1
    2. 2. Social Value ActThe Act • January 2013 • The Act requires public bodies to “consider” how they can improve the social, economic and environment wellbeing of the proposed delivery area. • It requires them to consider this in a way that is “relevant” to what is being procured, and it must be “proportionate” to the circumstances. • Opportunity for public sector to maximise the wider value it gains from commissioning its services from other organisations. 2
    3. 3. Social Value ActWhat does this • The term social value covers a range of definitions, some more ambitious than others.mean for the • At nef, we think that society, the economy andsector? environment are interlinked and can be mutually re- enforcing – as can the outcomes we try and create in these areas. • Importance to consider what matters most to those involved • This Act presents a real opportunity for you to request that public bodies that you work with show how they are thinking about social value and what it means in terms of commissioning and reviewing local services, rather than focusing heavily on the cost of the intervention. • Reminds us of the focus on longer term change, and preventative action. 3
    4. 4. Social Value Act Measurement is oftenResources / focused here Service & WiderInvestment Outcomes Money Economic People Inputs Outputs SocialEnvironment Determining social value Environmental requires evidence of this relationship
    5. 5. Social Value ActMeasuring • Need to consider how to measure the change that you create for individuals or communities you value • Storyboard exercise can help with this-looking at changes over time and factors that help and hinder progress. • Lots of interest in Social Return on Investment- this can be of use but requires a lot of resources. • Think about the story you can tell about your support, and how quantitative and qualitative data can help you provide evidence of this. 5
    6. 6. Social Value ActUseful links • Prove and Improve • SROI Guide Nef consulting: http://www.nef- • Measuring well-being- a free guide well-being 6
    7. 7. Social Value ActFor furtherinformation…. Rosie Maguire 020 7820 6316 ∷ 07875 966 600 7