Shire Community Solutions Grants Summary


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Find out more about the Shire Community Solutions Grants programme. For support securing funding, visit

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Shire Community Solutions Grants Summary

  1. 1. SHIRE ‘Community Solutions’ Grant Fund 2014-15 The Council has a strong track record of empowering and supporting its communities to develop their own solutions to address local community needs. We are now in an environment where there is less money and increasing demand for services. It is therefore essential that the Council works with its partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors to:  help reduce demand for services  manage the demand on our budgets more effectively  protect the most vulnerable individuals and communities The Council is committed to supporting voluntary and community sector organisations to work alongside us to design and develop innovative solutions, to enable the delivery of key services for our communities. To support these ambitions, Leicestershire County Council has committed £260,000 (in 2014-15) for the SHIRE Community Solutions Grant Fund. The grant fund will support and enable voluntary and community sector organisations (including social enterprises and Town/Parish Councils) to:  develop sustainable initiatives to provide preventative and early intervention services that help reduce demand for high-cost services;  develop alternative services to make up for public service reductions; and  take over services that the County Council is no longer able to provide What sort of projects are we looking for? The key focus of the fund will be to prioritise projects which address vulnerability, disadvantage and access to essential services. Examples of the types of projects, services and activities we will consider funding include:  Services and activities that enable participation of vulnerable people in the community;  Services and activities that promote and raise awareness of positive mental and physical health;  Service and activities that support carers and the people they care for;  Services and activities that help older and/or vulnerable people live independently in the community;  Projects that encourage social inclusion and promote understanding around dementia, mental illness, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, etc;
  2. 2.  Projects which enable greater access to information for vulnerable people (e.g. IT equipment and training);  Support to establish community initiatives, such as: food banks, community-run volunteer transport schemes, befriending services, Good Neighbour Schemes, etc;  Services that develop and promote peer support and self-help;  Services and activities for vulnerable young people, e.g. projects supporting young people to deal with bullying, mental health issues, domestic violence etc; projects to help young people gain employment skills, improve their self- confidence and/or performance at school; and projects which help to promote healthy lifestyles, including healthy eating and physical activity. Applicants will be expected to clearly demonstrate the difference their projects will make to local communities. Who can apply for the SHIRE Community Solutions Grant Fund?  Registered Charities  Town and Parish Councils  Constituted Community Groups  Social Enterprises  Charitable organisations operating a not for profit business model  Other Community-based organisation which re-invests any income back into the social aims of the group/community  Schools, academies, colleges and universities (only for non-curriculum related activities) The maximum amount of funding eligible organisations can apply for is £10,000. Grants will only be available to Leicestershire based organisations and applications from non-constituted groups will not be considered. What is the application process? The application process contains two key stages: an Expression of Interest stage, followed by a full application: Stage One: Expression of Interest Organisations interested in applying for funding should firstly contact the Grant Officers to discuss their project proposal.
  3. 3. If the Grant Officers feel that the proposal is potentially suitable for funding, the organisation will be asked to complete and submit an Expression of Interest form, containing a description of the project, the level of funding required, why the project is needed and what it will achieve. Expressions of Interest will be assessed by County Council officers, in liaison with representatives of other Council departments and partner organisations where required. Feedback will be provided to organisations within 6 weeks of submitting their Expression of Interest. Stage Two: Full Grant Application Stage If an Expression of Interest is approved, the organisation will be asked to complete and submit a full application form. Application Forms will not be available online and will only be provided to those organisations who have had their Expression of Interest approved. Grant Officers will advise applying organisations of the date of the next Panel meeting, along with the date which the application will need to be submitted by. It is expected that applications will need to be received at least one month prior to the date of the Panel meeting. Support and guidance will be available throughout the application process from the Grants Officers and from VAL. For further Information, contact Andy Hayes or Noel Singh Strategy, Partnerships & Communities Chief Executive’s Department Room 300 B, County Hall Glenfield Leicestershire LE3 8RA Tel: (0116) 305 7269 or (0116) 305 7020 Email: