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Healthwatch Leicester and Healthwatch Leicestershire Update


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This presentation was given at our health and social care forum.

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Healthwatch Leicester and Healthwatch Leicestershire Update

  1. 1. Healthwatch Leicester City Healthwatch Leicestershire
  2. 2. Capturing the experience of Service Users What have you heard? • NHS Complaints handling - experience of the process • Currently working with UHL but working with other NHS organisations soon.
  3. 3. Healthwatch England Special Inquiry Topic – What happens to people when they are discharged from a hospital, care home or secure mental health setting? Aim Influence and change National policy or establish better guidance or practice
  4. 4. • Focus on the experience of : • homeless people • older people • People with mental health conditions • Experience of the discharge process within the last 18 months
  5. 5. Leicester City • Lead – Barbara Czyznikowska • Leicestershire • Lead – Thad Douglas • With us before 15th July!
  6. 6. Capturing the evidence from the VCS • Used at the Quality Surveillance group quarterly • VCS feedback form online/ offline • Focused discussion
  7. 7. Join us