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Lensmen Photographic Agency Miss Valeria Esposito


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Lensmen Photographic Agency Miss Valeria Esposito

  1. 1. Lensmen Photographic Agency 17 Nottingham Street Dublin 3 Ph: 00 353 1 8197738 E-Mail: 20th November 2015 To whom it may concern, Miss Valeria Esposito has worked as an intern at Lensmen for a period of 3 months. In this time she worked on numerous different aspects of the company. Miss Esposito worked extensively with the archive section of our company. She has digitised hundreds of negatives to a high standard and ensured that all were accurately labelled to facilitate captioning. Miss Esposito also undertook the task of helping the archive move its digital collection from its storage platform (Aperture) to folders to help prevent the files being made redundant with the cessation of support for the program. This was a complex archive management task but Miss Esposito performed the task to a very high standard. A major part of Ms Esposito’s work was related to the on-going project of redesigning and updating Lensmen’s website and social media platforms. This was an enormous undertaking, which she approached with professionalism. Part of this work was translation of key pages into Italian to attract Italian clients attending events in Dublin. Miss Esposito wrote a lot of new content for the website displaying a good grasp of written English while expanding the websites capacity to inform the client as to the company’s services. Miss Esposito did extensive work on the social media aspects of Lensmen, including the beginning of a digital marketing plan for the company. Miss Esposito also developed her skills in the area of photography and developed her portfolio with other interns under the guidance of our chief photographer. Miss Esposito also had the benefit of instruction from an experienced photographer in the technical aspects of photography and camera operation. Miss Esposito developed her photo editing skills with PhotoShop on both her own images and those in the archive project she worked on. Miss Esposito had the opportunity to work on elements of video production with the program After Effects. The quality and accuracy of this work was excellent. Ms Esposito’s spoken English was of an excellent standard and she had no problems communicating with her colleagues. Ms Esposito works very well on her own initiative but also bonded very well with the rest of the team. For much of the time she worked as part of a group in which she
  2. 2. played a leading role at all times, helping to keep the others organised and active. She is hard working, conscientious and has a great work ethic that sees her always endeavour to perform her tasks to the highest possible standard. Her time keeping and general manner are excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ms Esposito for any job for which she may apply as I believe she would be an asset to any organisation. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Yours Faithfully Susan Kennedy Susan Kennedy Managing Director