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4 of 7 Packaging Review - Transport


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Improve Packaging Performance slides
This slide show is 1 part of 7 slide shows that discuss how to:
• Improve your products packaging life cycle
• Decrease Damage Claims
• Reduce Packaging Costs
• Reduce Packaging Storage Space
• Increase Efficiency of In-House Packaging
• Increase Ease of Use when Packing & Unpacking
• Reduce Packaging Waste

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4 of 7 Packaging Review - Transport

  1. 1. Damage ClaimsCauses of Damage Solutions•  Severe Impact •  Changing Packaging Steps•  Package Design Flaws •  Alternative Packaging•  Improper Stacking •  Know Your Distribution Environment•  End User Improper Handling •  Protect from Fraudulent Claims•  Hidden DamageIdentify Cause of Damage  Vibration/Drop/Environment Test Labs  Take Photos Before Shipping  Request End User Submit Photos  Include Damage Indicators  Include UnPacking Procedures on Package
  2. 2. Rod Manufacturer: Internal Damage Redesign Case Study Guillotine Style Foam Inserts LAB TEST Rate of Returns•  Eliminated Damage Claims•  Increase Customer Satisfaction
  3. 3. International Safe Transit Association Testing Testing Variables •  4 Major Test Categories •  Shock •  Vibration •  Compression •  Atmospheric •  4 Distribution Hazards •  Handling Drop & Impact •  Transportation Vibration •  Stacking Load •  Atmospheric Conditions •  13 Associated Test Types learn more at
  4. 4. Export Requirements •  Heat Treatment Required for Overseas Shipping •  Customs inspections

  5. 5. Import/Export Company: Observation Port Case Study Corrosion Incidents • Expedited Customs Inspections • Reduced Corrosion Damage
  6. 6. •  View the next step at