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3 of 7 Packaging Review - Packaging

Improve Packaging Performance slides
This slide show is 1 part of 7 slide shows that discuss how to:
Improve your products packaging life cycle
Decrease Damage Claims
Reduce Packaging Costs
Reduce Packaging Storage Space
Increase Efficiency of In-House Packaging
Increase Ease of Use when Packing & Unpacking
Reduce Packaging Waste

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3 of 7 Packaging Review - Packaging

  1. 1. Packaging Material Inventory •  Loose Fill •  Wood •  Tape •  Shrink wrap •  Bubble •  VCI Bags •  Cardboard •  FoamReduce Inventory Floor Space  Vendor Maintained Inventory (VMI)  Just In Time (JIT)  Racks for vertical storage  Collapsible Shippers
  2. 2. Emergency Relief Agency: Collapsible Shipper Case Study Cubic Feet Reduction •  Reduced Storage Space Requirements •  Easily Collapse with No Tools •  Return Shipping Fees Reduced
  3. 3. Packaging Department EfficiencyTrack the Production Line •  Labor •  Storage •  Actual Pack TimeTracking Tips  VMI  JIT  Conduct time studies  On-Site Services  Design Change
  4. 4. Machining Company: Multi-Part Shipper Case Study•  Decreased Packing Time•  Decreased Turn Around on Parts
  5. 5. Packaging WasteNow is the time to Go Green  Implement a Packaging Recycle Plan  Reuse Packaging  Redesign to Eliminate Waste  Ask suppliers to conform to requirements
  6. 6. Costco Vendor Compliance Specs•  Lowers Costs by Eliminating Excess Packaging•  Lessen Damage Claims•  Performance Compliance Audits
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