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Mozilla Hive NYC September Meet-Up 2015


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A conversation and brainstorming session with Tribeca Film Institute as they share best-practices in their film arts education programs within jails and prisons. Learn about their collaborative filmmaking initiative between young women at Rikers Island and The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria, with a focus on its overarching impact on students, law enforcement, parents and mental health practitioners. A great opportunity to come together and discuss innovative ways to work in tandem and infuse social justice into our program design.

Day: Thursday, September 24 2015
Time: 10am - 12pm
Location: Parsons The New School For Design, University Center 63 Fifth Ave. Room UL105

Published in: Education
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Mozilla Hive NYC September Meet-Up 2015

  1. 1. Rikers Island Media Lab Presentation for NYC Hive Learning Network Tribeca Film Institute in partnership w/ The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria @hivelearningnyc | @TribecaFilmIns | #hivebuzz
  2. 2. Assumptions About Young Women In Prison @hivelearningnyc | @TribecaFilmIns | #hivebuzz
  3. 3. Why a Filmmaking Program in Prison? • Disconnection between Hollywood and prison narratives contributes to a one-dimensional perception of young women in transition. • Storytelling one of the most abundant past-times in prison culture. • Inspire women to tell their stories by remixing/repurposing content. • Access to resources determines program design. @hivelearningnyc | @TribecaFilmIns | #hivebuzz
  4. 4. Tribeca Teaches® offers opportunities for students and teachers to explore filmmaking through theory and practice. Classroom teachers are paired with teaching artists to design and implement filmmaking curricula. The program provides students with an immersive opportunity, learning the media- making skills to write and produce their own stories. other resources to fully realize their stories and connect with audiences. Communities in Focus: Young Women; Newcomers; LGBTQ Youth/Young Adults; Communities impacted by Criminal Justice System @hivelearningnyc | @TribecaFilmIns | #hivebuzz
  5. 5. First Integration of Program • Initial Program Design- 2012 • Young women in prison need positive affirmation and validation. • Cultivation of safe space and trust is vital. • Align learning exercises to relatable personal and professional goals is key to building consistent participation. • Model born out of limitations/DYI @hivelearningnyc | @TribecaFilmIns | #hivebuzz
  6. 6. Second Integration of Program: Equity by Design: Collaboration with The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria • Storyboarding ideas revealed a willingness to explore personal trauma [family formation, social identity, gender equity, sexuality]. • Women wanted to connect with women outside the jail. • Young women in prison need positive affirmation & validation. @hivelearningnyc | @TribecaFilmIns | #hivebuzz
  7. 7. Breakdown of Partnership •Editing Skill Development, final edit of film completed at Rosie’s •Letter/Poetry Writing •Story Development •(storyboarding, shot lists) Rosie’s •In-School Production Lab Design •Students shoot, produce film material •Ongoing partnership through Tribeca Teaches TYWLS Astoria •Supports and observe Teaching Artists •Finished films shared work with field leaders and learning partners TFI Ongoing exchange of ideas and stories. @hivelearningnyc | @TribecaFilmIns | #hivebuzz
  8. 8. Outcomes After Redesign of Program • Impact on young women at Rosie’s • Impact on young women at TYWLS • Impact on DOC & DOE • Impact on TFI Education Programs @hivelearningnyc | @TribecaFilmIns | #hivebuzz
  9. 9. Spread & Scale • Influence on TFI pedagogy & program design • Partnership with DOH&MH & Hour Children @hivelearningnyc | @TribecaFilmIns | #hivebuzz
  10. 10. Q & A @hivelearningnyc | @TribecaFilmIns | #hivebuzz