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Hive NYC Project Learning Lab: The LAMP presentation


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In progress presentation for Hive NYC's project learning lab working group.

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Hive NYC Project Learning Lab: The LAMP presentation

  1. 1. Project: Break-a-Thon Toolkit
  2. 2. Break the Super Bowl ● The LAMP has been hosting Break the Super Bowl event the last 5 years. ● During the event students: ○ View the Super Bowl commercials. ○ Learn how to deconstruct commercial messages. ○ Play games, like bingo and trivia. ○ Compete for prizes. ○ Create critical breaks, transforming the commercials and talking back to the messages. ● Completed breaks are published to YouTube. ● Hundreds of students and adults have participated. ● But how do we get students and other organizations in NYC and nationally to participate? How do we create a critical mass?
  3. 3. Break-a-Thon Toolkit ● The LAMP is creating a digital toolkit that can be shared with organizations, community centers, and educators, in order for Break-a- Thons to happen all over the country. ● The toolkit will include event plans, lesson plans, program materials, educational resources, and technology guidelines. ● The LAMP will also be expanding our Break-a-Thons to other events (VMAs, Academy Awards) and populations. ● How do we craft a digital toolkit that’s complete, but digestible, and also captures the fun and excitement of our past events?
  4. 4. Break the VMAs ● Two events held in August ○ Flushing YMCA ○ Vanderbilt YMCA ● Over 40 students participated ● Students learned how music videos are constructed and what messages they communicate. ● Games and Prizes ○ Critical Bingo ○ Trivia ● Students created critical music video breaks. ● Completed breaks were published on YouTube. ● The LAMP tweeted videos, images and quotes during MTV VMA event, August 30.
  5. 5. Next Steps & Challenges ● Distributing rough draft and receiving feedback. ● Identifying next event and partner sites. ● Production Design and Layout ● Identifying potential audiences for the toolkit ● Understanding needs of potential audiences ● Getting people excited about critical remix and challenging these large, cultural media events