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Hive NYC Cohort Hangout 2.19.14


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Hive NYC Cohort Hangout 2.19.14

  1. 1. Hv Dg aMe iLan g u d i itl d eri Fn e i a n C h rH n o t o ot a g u Fbu r 1,04 e ray 921
  2. 2. What is the Connected Learning Experience Workshop The LAMP Bank Street College of Education Hive NYC
  3. 3. Workshop One Goal: Examine questions of learning and identity in the digital age, introducing principles of media ecology and connected learning. Guiding Questions: Participants actively engager in activities designed to help them consider: • themselves as members of a culture, • ways in which changes in communication have transformed cultures over time, • themselves as learners and consumers of different forms of communication, and • ways in which their experiences can be linked to principles of Connected Learning.
  4. 4. Workshop Two Goal: To generate an understanding of youth participants Guiding Question: Who are the youth who are coming to my program? What are their needs?
  5. 5. Workshop Three Goal: To introduce participants to principles of connected learning and progressive pedagogy Guiding Question: What are principles of connected learning and progressive pedagogy and how can they inform and enhance my programming?
  6. 6. Workshop Four Goal: Participants will design an assessment plan for their programs Guiding Questions: Why is my program structured the way it is? How can principles from these workshops inform my work? How will I know?
  7. 7. Findings ● In examining the nature of ‘significant learning experiences’ we discovered that they involved not only peers but also adults. ● We are considering expanding the concept of ‘peer learning’ to ‘social organization of learning’ thereby including adults and peers. ● Also, considering expanding the ‘academically oriented’ sphere to include civic and career engagement. ● Many of the participants’ programs already incorporating connected learning elements. ● We will continue to work with connected learning elements as a basis for program design and evaluation.
  8. 8. TRAINING
  10. 10. BRYANT PARK
  12. 12. TREASURE & BOND