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Valeria Piersanti's architecture portfolio


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summary of Valeria Piersanti's architecture portfolio, updated to 2012.

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Valeria Piersanti's architecture portfolio

  1. 1. Valeria Piersantiarchitecture portfolio
  2. 2. BowlingexhibitionProject of a service block-hall in a boolingstructure in Rome.The theme of the project was tobuilt a light element of connectionbetween the exterior and thebooling strips.
  3. 3. Urban InteriorIn the district Pigneto in Rome, thinkingabout a building square, which can beas an interior urban space, creating aplace of relationsheep. Equipated withexpo-space, library, cafè, small cinema.
  4. 4. Errazuris HouseExercise of 3D modeling
  5. 5. F.Biondo squareriqualificationFlavio Biondo square is one of the mostimportant exchange site of Rome, becauseof the near railstation and the streetswhich connect with the centre.
  6. 6. El proyecto de ciudaden CatalunyaUrban analysis of the projects in SantAndreu-Sagrera: the relation between thestation, the buildings, the big park andBarcelona.
  7. 7. Taller de proyectoProject in the big unusued area of portoVecchio in Trieste .An empty space which means an impor-tant chance for the town to expand andconnect to the sea.
  8. 8. Premis FAD 2008exhibitionThe project basicly consists of the lightingof an existent building with led lights andthe creation of surfaces with the proyec-tion of photoes.
  9. 9. Villaggio OlimpicotowerIn the middle of the storics dwellings of Villag-gio Olimpico, built in 1960, a tower marks Rome’sskyline. The urban project covers a big area withseries of paths and promenades crossed by a netof layers that directly connect with otherthree projects: a library, a mediateque and theexisting auditorium.
  10. 10. The layering slicePublic services, urban garden and social housing,fill as layers a big abandoned space in the core ofRome, at Pigneto.By returning to the community the missing ser-vices, the area is connected on an upper level tothe adjacent districts, by pedestrianbridges and the ringroad. An un-isolating processof an abandoned marginal area.
  11. 11. Tecnopolo BolognaA complex project of rehabilitation of an ex to-bacco industry, converted in a tecnopole, a centerfor innovation and research.
  12. 12. Le Palais JardinA urban garden, vertically extended, enve-lopes a lavish dwelling palace in the core ofMontecarlo.
  13. 13. longitudinalsection_1.100 2
  14. 14. ModulortoModulorto is a modular structure all made withrecycled materials, pallets and OSB panels: eve-rything you need to cultivate your garden on aroof.
  15. 15. Interior sceneExercise of rendering using 3D Studio Max.