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Student community, development concept 2013-2014


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A proposed student democracy scheme for the UWC Adriatic.

Published in: Education
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Student community, development concept 2013-2014

  1. 1. STUDENT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 2013/2014 VALEV LAUBE Copyright © Valev Laube UWC Adriatic
  2. 2. UWC ADRIATIC STUDENT COUNCIL • Protect UWC Adriatic (UWC Ad) students’ rights • Present and promote UWC Ad student initiations, ideas and personal successes • Connect and develop collaboration between different student groups • Create communication channel between students and staff • Mentor students with their initiations and ideas • Preserve and follow college’s main principles Copyright © Valev Laube
  3. 3. STRUCTUREOFCOLLABORATION UWC Student Councils Union UWC Adriatic Student council Representatives Groups representing different interests Music School, UWC Music Network Media interaction The Adriatic Times, Philosophy magazine, Economy magazine College's student groups Environmental Action Group Copyright © Valev Laube
  4. 4. WHAT THE COUNCIL CONSISTS OF College’s community Student community Student initiations/groups Student representatives
  5. 5. CURRENT SITUATION Problems • Student community have not been able to present their ideas in a formal way • Different initiations and groups are not working together • Individual ideas lack of support • Uncontrolled/not working collaboration with other colleges Improvements • Conclusive document will be created during the student meetings – shown on the screen to everyone, after published • Council will have at least one representative from each officially working initiation in the college • Council will collect the ideas and will organize democratic voting • Archive information about students who are responsible of any collaboration with other colleges • Student Council will consider joining and supporting UWC Atlantic’s idea to create UWC Student Councils Union Copyright © Valev Laube
  6. 6. WAYS OF WORKING STUDENT COUNCIL Student community Initiation group representatives Media representatives International relations representatives School’s staff Copyright © Valev Laube • Continuing meeting schedule • College meetings – public formulated documents prepared during the council’s general meeting, conclusive documents public to everyone • Meetings with staff • Monthly public council’s general meetings with student community (recommended for all the students) – students representatives, media representatives, international relations representatives and initiation’s representatives
  7. 7. IDEAS TO START WITH • Create a student councils subpage on school’s website • Public documentations and statements created by student council • Students reflections about the college • Start creating a structured map about student initiative projects and groups • Reflect doings through the reports published in The Adriatic Times • Join and support idea of creating UWC Student Council’s Union • Update/refresh school’s website • United World College – where the aspect of “world” became just “western” • Emphasizing college’s talks to cover more aspects than only western approach • Create a student council’s room/office for students to reflect their ideas, leave messages • Developing and realizing the previously introduced structure Copyright © Valev Laube
  8. 8. Created by Valev Laube Materials are not allowed to use without the confirmation from the author