Social Entrepreneurship Guatemala


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Social Entrepreneurship Guatemala

  1. 1. Business Design IN Social Entrepreneurship By. Valeria Sanchez Project Leader. Caroline Fraser
  2. 2. Objective Analyze the Entrepreneurial Market in Guatemala to determine if there exists a business design opportunity within the industry.
  3. 3. Business Design Consulting Services For Social Entrepreneurs in Guatemala.
  4. 4. what is entrepreneurship? Person who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods.
  5. 5. Guatemala TOP Entrepreneurial Countries 9/ Adults involved in Entrepreneurial Activity 19.7% 54 GEM Guatemala
  6. 6. New businesses 9,700 Manufacturing New Businesses in 2012 17% Commerce Expected Growth in 2013 Technology GEM Guatemala
  7. 7. however 67% of new businesses fail GEM Guatemala
  8. 8. Because entrepreneurs fail to really understand and solve peoples Problems... By trying to create new needs and first world solutions when the reality is...
  9. 9. guatemala is a 3rd world country
  10. 10. Of the population lives below Poverty Lines 61% INE Guatemala
  11. 11. Population without access to basic needs 61% 46% 33% Education Water Health INE Guatemala
  12. 12. how can we channel entrepreneurial activity towards... Creating Successful New Businesses While solving Guatemalas Social Problems?
  13. 13. Research Entrepreneurship industry Analysis ID User Needs Competitive Analysis
  14. 14. what is out there ?
  15. 15. Industry analysis entrepreneurship Desk Research Market Analysis
  16. 16. Social Entrepreneurship Trend The ventures of a person who recognizes a social problem, and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, develop and manage a business to create social and economic value.
  17. 17. Drivers of change Growing Interest on OK to profit from $ Impact Investment Solving Social Problems Social Change as a Business Strategy Stanford Social Trend Report
  18. 18. Types of Social Enterprises $ Profit Generator Primarily seeking financial return only, and has social impact as such. Trade off LockStep Trading activity has social impact and it lock - steps in parallel with the financial situation. Trading activity has social impact, so a balance has to be made between financial and social impact. Stanford Social Trend Report
  19. 19. Example Rural Urban Teach to Produce Agricultural Businesses $ Create organic fertilizer from worm waste. Local Women Sell Green Houses $ Buy Households
  20. 20. who are the entrepreneurs ?
  21. 21. ID User needs The entrepreneur In Depth Interviews Identification of Needs
  22. 22. types of Social Entrepreneurs business otiented socially oriented
  23. 23. main Needs business otiented socially oriented HAS HAS Understanding of a Business Solution Understanding of a Social Problem COMMON GROUNDS NEEDS Development of a Sustainability Model MOTIVATION Personalized Help Understand the Need Lean Strategies Acceptable price level Business/ Ideas NEEDS Development of a Business Model MOTIVATION People/ Problems Make Money and Do Good
  24. 24. what options do they have ?
  25. 25. Competitive analysis Entrepreneurial Consultants Competitive Analysis Benchmarking Opportunity Mapping
  26. 26. Competitive Field Overview University Operated, 3 month Bootcamp for incubating early stage business ideas. One to One business accelerator for already established socially sustainable ideas. Personalized incubator for BOP entrepreneurs with early stage, socially sustainable business ideas.
  27. 27. Benchmarking Heuristica Personalized Service Socially Conscious Business Oriented Start - Up Focus Agora Partnership Alterna
  28. 28. Opportunity Map Socially Oriented Alterna Agora Focus on Start - Ups Online Services Focus on Developed Ideas Online Services Euristica Business Oriented Solution Based Agora Personalized Service Alterna General Service Euristica Problem BAsed
  29. 29. Research Conclusions need help to social entrepreneurial make money & do good trend incomplete & general services
  30. 30. Social Entrepreneurship Business Design Personalized Consulting Services For Social Entrepreneurs in Guatemala.
  31. 31. creatE to help co-create & Generate Multi Disciplinary Teams Social Entrepreneurs Profitable & Social Businesses Impact Investment
  32. 32. design approach customer understanding social & business model development product testing financial projection
  33. 33. where we help entrepreneurs... while helping the country in... create successful businesses solve social problems social & economic sustainability lean strategic way create social awareness generate new businesses
  34. 34. next steps develop model test idea business plan commercial strategy
  35. 35. entrelazando herencia Creating design furniture line from artisanal woven patterns. Stage of the Idea. Idea Development Product Development Business Model Sustainability Model
  36. 36. thank you