Leading & Managing in PR. Getting the Balance Right.


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Leading and Managing in PR. Getting the Balance Right.

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Good afternoon dear colleagues. I would like to share my thoughts on how corporate or genuine leaders in PR become publicly trusted advisers. And how the cycle continues as the roles switch. I believe it is about getting the balance right between practices of leading and managing.

2. role ladder
In my life I have seen more leaders coming from the creative side, not managerial. First you become an expert in your field, then you manage projects and gradually become a corporate adviser before finally reaching out to the outside world as a publicly trusted leader. We act as publicly trusted advisers more often than we think: like when we discuss issues at forums, partake in industrial association initiatives and participate in other collaborative projects.

3. Less is More
I believe that a leader performs better when she has fewer people to manage and manages them to a less extent. And with fewer words. Ladislav said earlier today. "Don't control, provide consistency". On my blog I've put it like this:
The more people you manage the less you can be a leader for them. The more you manage people the less you are a leader for them.

4. Trusted Advisers
We can probably call this phenomenon the Trusted Adviser - Genuine Leader cycle. One thing to remember is that external consultants as advisers trusted by the managers are usually brought in with an agenda. It is better for us communicators when the agenda is public, at least internally. But sometimes a trusted adviser lands a management seat in the company she consulted. So the cycle continues as the roles switch.
5. Social Media
How can media help PR leaders? Social Media definitely can. The trick is to remember the Less is More approach. Vast audiences don't necessarily help to meet vast goals of leadership. As Nick said earlier, social is the more important word.

6. Traditional media
Speaking of traditional media: In a recent interview Tomas Brunegard, the new president of WAN-IFRA, leading newspaper association, said that in current times of media landscape uncertainty success depends on positive energy that is generated with the right attitude coming from managers. Leadership, in other words.

7. RIA Novosti
This attitude may be expressed in a variety of ways. Even a company organizational chart may be designed to send assurance signals to employees that the company is driven by strategy and is kept resilient by collegiate decision making.

8. Thank You!
Many thanks for your attention. I look forward to our discussion on the topic

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Leading & Managing in PR. Getting the Balance Right.

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