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Rankseller is an international blogger outreach marketplace connecting advertisers and bloggers and online influencers in over 10 countries. The crowdsourced company founded in Germany allows community managers and digital marketers to save up to several days of work thanks to an innovative platform.

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  1. 1. THE STORY BEHIND RANKSELLER Our platform was initially founded by two webentrepreneurs C. Tuna and C. Ejder. Both have been active for years in online marketing, one of them marketing blogs and online magazines and the other one looking for relevant sites. The acknowledgement of how time-consuming the whole process was – in terms of search, negotiation etc. - led the foundation of the rankseller international marketplace. The international marketplace for Blog Marketing and Blogger Outreach
  2. 2. BLOGGERS We at rankseller believe that it's fair for bloggers who have invested much time and effort into building their site and connecting with their audience to seek some kind of ROI. Our content marketplace offers them an opportunity to monetize their site WITHOUT having to rely on intrusive banners or pop-ups... ADVERTISER Advertisers don't have to go through the usual, painful processes anymore and access an international marketplace for their online communication and link building campaigns. The objective is to create a true content marketing WIN-WIN situation for both parties!
  3. 3. WHAT TYPES OF CONTENT?  Blogposts  Guest Posts  Video Seeding Infographics Interviews Job offers And many more! OUR CUSTOMERS  Online Marketing agencies, SEO agencies and freelancers  Companies and brands taking care of these matters in-house  Companies that wish to generate international leads
  4. 4. Benefits for bloggers Benefits for advertiser Bloggers remain in full control of their website content and monetize it in a non-intrusive way:  Bloggers define their prices, no obligations  The URL remains anonymous until the booking is complete (SEO data of the site is displayed on the marketplace)  Guaranteed payment 2 times / month (advertisers credit their account before booking) Rankseller offers a variety of benefits.:  A simple and efficient outreach tool allowing you to save time and coordinate your campaigns.  Start campaigns & to let relevant bloggers come to you  Efficient budget overview, one-time payments.
  5. 5. With rankseller, you can launch a campaign in just a few clics define your budget, the blogs you are looking for, the type of contribution (which content) etc. Fill in the briefing which the publishers will see as campaign description and you're good to go! CAMPAIGN on RANKSELLER
  6. 6. Relevant publishers get a notification from us as soon as the campaign is online and you get numerous applications within hours. At that point, you just have to choose the blogs you would like to book a publication on. The payments are unique, one-time payments and your link is permanent. AdvertiserPublisher
  7. 7. Save up to several days in your blogger outreach process for digital campaigns. Community Manager Survey(France), Aug. 2013
  8. 8. Set up a free, non binding account on rankseller.com / rankseller.co.uk - We are at your disposal for any questions you might have! - support@rankseller.com