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Ask Presentation December 2013


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Ask Presentation December 2013

  1. 1. ASK Brasil November 2013
  2. 2. Geographical Presence
  3. 3. Our Mission Our founders Our origin ASK - Portugal  The existence of an unfulfilled demand for quality financial services , from companies in the middle market segment of Portuguese industry, was the main driver for the company's establishment in late 2006.  Our founders are professionals with vast experience in a range of areas at financial institutions. We also have an institutional partner: • Nuno Fernandes Thomaz • John Beirôco • Nuno Miranda • Jaime d'Almeida • Francisco Fino • José Paulo Parreira do Amaral ISQ is a private institution which operates in the areas of technical inspection and certification, with a presence in 11 countries around the globe. It is critical to ASK's operations, providing certification services for partners and customers.  A group of people with vast experience in the financial sector who, in conjunction with a technology partner, offer a range of independent services in the areas of:  Mergers and acquisitions  Venture capital Objective: provide an effective response to the unfulfilled demand for quality financial services
  4. 4. The Company 51.50% - Lauro Brand 13.79% - Walter Braga 19.86% - Partners Part. 14.86% 77.5% 85% 15% - Directors 22.5% - Partners 100%
  5. 5. ASK Brasil ASK Brazil was the first step of ASK's internationalisation project, accomplished in 2008, involved local partners with extensive experience in the financial sector and in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian market. ASK Brazil has three independent companies under control: Investment Funds Manager, a uthorised by CVM, whose role is to identify, structure, capture and manage investments. Provides financial advisory services in M ​& A and Debt Restructuring transactions Responsible for prospect and structuring real estate products
  6. 6. ASK Brasil Organisational structure: Executive Board Board of Directors Nuno Miranda - Pres. Board Lauro Brand Walter Braga Francisco Fino Valério Marega Nuno Miranda Walter Braga Pedro Tavares Martins Structured Finance Corporate Finance Valério Marega Angela Feltrin Pedro Martins Debt Structuring M&A Mário Garcia Pedro Fino Pedro Veloso Hélio Azevedo Ramon Darzi
  7. 7. ASK Brasil CEO AND CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Nuno Miranda He is currently the CEO of ASK and director of ASK Venture Capital. Founding Shareholder of ASK. With 18 years of experience in financial advice, was one of the founders of Ibersá and ASK. Previously he was an Associate at Argentária Business Bank and Finibanco in the areas of Corporate and Project Finance. He was also Director of FirstPortugueseGroup, with responsibility for the areas of Corporate Finance, Marketing and Business Development, where he designed, developed and structured an investment fund with unique features. He graduated in Management from the Portuguese Catholic University. CFO Pedro Tavares Martins CFO of ASK Brazil and Owner Director of ASK Asset Management Has a degree in Engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, a Master in Economics from the Getulio Vargas Foundation Graduate School of Economics , and has an specialisation in management from the Barcelona graduate business school (IESE). Combines the experience of having worked for financial institutions in the corporate finance area with the experience in business management. - BFC Bank, Ernst & Young, Global Star, Latour Capital.
  8. 8. ASK Brasil COO AND BOARD MEMBER Walter Braga Director of ASK Brazil, with experience in developing and leading strategies for growth and profit. Board member of the American Chamber of Commerce, Minas Gerais. Board member of the WTC São Paulo. Prior to joining ASK Brazil worked as CEO and board member of Kroton Educational S/A. Walter also worked at TELEMIG and at the construction company Andrade Gutierrez. Graduate in Mathematics from the Newton Paiva institute , Minas Gerais. Took specialisation courses in: (i) Quality management from Penn State University; (ii) Growth management from Saint Louis University / Dom Cabral Foundation. Lauro Brand Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic School / São Paulo University (specialisation in digital systems). In 2004 Mr. Brand was approved as an independent financial advisor by the Securities Commission (CVM). For the past four years has been senior partner of SI Advisors. Prior to this, he worked for five years as senior Private Banker at Bank Hapoalim, and specialised in asset allocation, portfolio management and research into new products. Before joining Bank Hapoalim, Lauro Brand worked as an independent technology, finance and information consultant. Closely linked to the Beit Chabad Central (Rav Alpern), Beit Yaakov Jewish School (Safra family), Bnei Akiva and other Jewish/religious organisations located in São Paulo and Israel, he is the only Brazilian council member of Honest Reporting (Israel) and the Brazilian arm of JLI (Jewish Learning Institute – Rav Avraham Steinmetz).
  9. 9. ASK Brasil BOARD MEMBER Francisco Fino Francisco Fino was Director of Orey Financial until June 2006. Currently a member of the Board of Directors of Jayme da Costa SA, Marpe SA and Work Media SA. He has extensive experience in asset management and private banking, having worked as Director for the Carnegie Portugal - Wealth Management Company, Executive Chairman of Tottagest and Director of Private Banking at Manufacturers Hanover in Portugal. He was also Executive Chairman of SOCI, Society of Independent Communication SA He has an MIA and MBA from Columbia University and a degree in Political Science at the Graduate Institute of International Studies, University of Geneva.
  10. 10. ASK Brasil - ASK Structured Finance
  11. 11. ASK Brazil - ASK Structured Finance FIPs FIPs FIPS for companies related to healthcare, agribusiness and education. FIIs FIDCs, CRIs, CRAs FIIs FIDCs, CRIs, CRAs Funds targeting various types of Securitisation for small and real estate assets. medium sized businesses.
  12. 12. Track Record in Credit Fund - FIDCs
  13. 13. ASK Structured Finance
  14. 14. Tombstones - ASK Structured Finance 2008 2009 Blackwood Florestas da Bahia Financial Advice Joint Ventures 2007 Miami Hedge Fund Palmerio Family Financial Advice Joint Ventures Financial Advice Strategic Alliance Transaction implementation Transaction implementation Transaction implementation 2007 2007 Financial Advice Capital divestiture Novarum Fund Financial Advice Sale of Interest Transaction implementation Transaction implementation
  15. 15. Tombstones - ASK Structured Finance 2009 2008 2011 Commercial Credit Rights Investment Fund - Nutriplant Commercial Credit Rights Investment Fund -Agro MS Credit Rights Investment Fund POLICARD II Standard & Poor's “brAAf” Credit Rating 1st. Series Standard & Poor's “brAAf” Credit Rating 1st. series Transferor Transferors R$ 20,000,000.00 Administrator Custodian Distributors Auditors Lawyers Structuring R$ 50,000,000.00 Administrator Custodian Lawyers Transferor Distributors Auditors Structuring R$ 60,000,000.00 Standard & Poor's Senior Quota "brAAAf" Credit Rating Standard & Poor's Mezzanine Quota "brBBBf" Credit Rating 1st. Series Administrator Custodian Lawyers Structuring and Management Auditors
  16. 16. Undergoing structuring - ASK Structured Finance 2012 2012 2012 ASK YSER II FII IN THE FORESTRY SECTOR FII TO BE LISTED ON THE STOCK EXCHANGE I ASK YSER FIP IN THE FORESTRY SECTOR Credit Rights Investment Fund GIROFLEX R$ 100,000,000.00 R$ 200,000,000.00 R$ 40,000,000.00 Fitch Senior Quota Credit Rating 1st Series of Senior Shares Transferor Administrator Service Provider Administrator Service Provider Lawyers Auditors Lawyers Auditors Structuring and Management Structuring and Management Administrator Distributors Lawyers Rating Auditors Structuring and Management
  17. 17. ASK Brasil - ASK Structured Finance Owner Directors ASK Structured Finance Valério Marega Júnior Has worked in capital markets for over 12 years and has extensive experience in trading on major world stock and futures exchanges, where he achieved a market share of 2% of the Brazilian coffee futures market while operating independently. Research Produced and distributed daily, free of charge, his own research focused on agribusiness, coffee, livestock, soya beans, corn, sugar and alcohol with ideas for trading, arbitrage and cash and carry. It was the first research carried out in Brazil by an independent agent. Private Equity Carried out a private equity transaction with Gávea Investimentos at the Policard company, advised Palmerio family of Uberaba, Minas Gerais, in the sale of Bioexton - Biotechnology capital stock to the Novarum venture capital fund. Brought about a joint venture between Vale do Rio Grande Reflorestamento and a Canadian investment fund to create Blackwood Florestas da Bahia Ltda. Brought about a joint venture between PERPLAN, a construction company from Ribeirão Preto, and SACI GROUP from Orlândia to create the DESTILARIA AROEIRA LTDA distillery . Structuring for financing and sale of agricultural property amounting to 8,000 hectares located in Tupaciguara, Minas Gerais, owned by the Tomain family, to the Saci Group from Orlândia, São Paulo. Structured Finance Structured the MERCANTIS AGRO MS, multi-seller, multi-series FDIC where he succeeded in organising, within the fund, 6 companies linked to Brazilian livestock infrastructure, resulting in one of the largest credit pulverization ever seen in Brazil. 36,000 customers of trade notes carried out. Has worked for the American investment bank Bulltick Capital Markets - Head of Commodities Trading - and at investment company Latour Capital - Structured Finance.
  18. 18. ASK Brasil - ASK Structured Finance Owner Directors ASK Structured Finance Pedro Tavares Martins Has a degree in Engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Master in Economics from the Getulio Vargas Foundation Graduate School of Economics and with specialisation in management from the Barcelona graduate business school (IESE). Combines the experience of having worked for financial institutions in the corporate finance area with the experience of management in the telecommunications sector. Fund Raising In the last three years, has been active in raising funds for projects in various areas and using different financial tools, such as FIDC, CCB, FII and CRI. Participated in transactions which together raised approximately R$ 100 million for clients. Executive Served for 9 years as an executive of a multinational company in the telecommunication industry, where he established the financial controls needed to satisfy the requirements for a NYSE-listed company. Consulting Worked for a year as a manager at Ernst & Young Consulting and was responsible for coordinating the team involved in modelling and determining the minimum selling price for the privatisation of the Rede Ferroviária Federal S.A. railway network and Vale do Rio Doce S.A. company. Corporate Finance Began his career in investment banking. Among other transactions, advised clients on the privatisation auctions of Triunfo’s petrochemical complex and the issuing of Mesbla’s debenture, the first securitisation in Brazil. Companies where he worked before joining ASK Renda Certa: BFC Bank, Ernst & Young - Consulting, Globalstar Brazil, Latour Capital and Aria Capital.
  19. 19. ASK Brasil - ASK Structured Finance ASK Structured Finance Mario Duarte Garcia - Graduated in Business Management from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. - Joined ASK Brazil in 2012 and is today an analyst in the area of ​structuring and asset management.
  20. 20. ASK Brasil- ASK Corporate Finance
  21. 21. ASK Brasil - ASK Corporate Finance Mission Statement To be a leader in financial advice services to the middle market segment To advise companies on Help companies to obtain the To support the development mergers and equity or debt needed to To provide competent of promising projects in Brazil acquisitions, from the achieve their strategic financial advice on structured and enable the entry of new selection of goals, adding value through transactions, based on the businesses into the sales, organisational knowledge of our European consulting and financial country, seeking to raise structure and governance partners and local owner advice services and contacts funds, investment and/or model to the selection of the executives. with funds, banks and internationalisation best partner whether source strategic investors. of capital or strategic
  22. 22. The Company Portfolio of Services: Debt Mergers and acquisitions • Fund raising via structured debt, FIDCs or bonds; • Search for opportunities for business expansion in Brazil; • Total or partial sale and purchase of operations and businesses, including cross-border • Structuring of joint ventures and strategic alliances • Restructuring and refinancing of debt Debt M&A Financial Advisory Strategy Financial advisory • Advice on funding and investment opportunities; Strategic positioning Equity • Structuring of income and valuation statements; Raising of Funds - Equity • Raising funds jointly with Private Equity funds, Venture Capital and strategic investors; • Possibility of ASK Portugal investment  Strategic and marketing analysis for companies  Market research, analysis of company positioning  Assistance in decision making about options for raising funds, acquisitions, strategic alliances and divestitures
  23. 23. Tombstones - ASK Corporate Finance 2009/2010 Company Valuation 2006 Transaction implementation 2009/2010 Debt Restructuring R$ 7,000,000.00 2006 Transaction implementation 2006 Transaction implementation Market Research 2006 Transaction implementation 2009 2009 Debt Restructuring 2010 Joint Ventures 2006 Transaction implementation 2010 Advisor to Coquelux on the capital increase transaction together with Lazarex 2006 Transaction implementation
  24. 24. Tombstones - ASK Corporate Finance 2010 2010 2010 HBC Advice on capital increase transaction carried out by Leya SA Advice on buying an event promotions company in the aviation industry 2006 2006 Transaction implementation 2006 Transaction implementation 2011 Advice on the purchase of the assets of Contax 2006 Debt restructuring via CCI Transaction implementation Transaction implementation 2011 Raising Capital 2006 Transaction implementation
  25. 25. Tombstones - ASK Corporate Finance 2011 2010 2012 CRV Debt restructuring and raising of capital Debt restructuring Advisory 2006 2006 Transaction implementation 2006 Transaction implementation 2011 Transaction implementation 2011 Bonheur du Pain Valuation 2006 Transaction implementation Business Plan 2006 Transaction implementation
  26. 26. ASK Brasil - ASK Corporate Finance ASK Corporate Finance Owner Managers Angela Feltrin Angela has a degree in business management from the Getulio Vargas Foundation, and has a specialisation in banking history at the University of Gallen, Switzerland. Before joining ASK, Angela worked on credit risk analysis projects with Citigroup and on many high value deals at IGC Partners, the country's largest consulting firm specialised in mergers and acquisitions. Pedro Veloso · Has a degree in Economics from the New University of Lisbon and Master in Management with specialisation in Finance, from the Portuguese Catholic University. · Joined ASK Portugal in 2009 and ASK Brazil in 2011. · Previously, carried out a number of professional training programmes, in particular at the Corporate Finance division of Millennium Investment Banking, at the BPN Credit Unit and at the Citigroup Utilities team - European Investment Banking Division in London. · In the context of university studies, he spent terms on exchange at WU - Vienna and HEC - Paris and at a Summer School in Warsaw.
  27. 27. ASK Brasil - ASK Corporate Finance Pedro Fino · Degree in Civil Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon. · Joined ASK Brazil in 2010. · Previously, carried out a professional traineeship at Banif Investment Bank in Brazil, in São Paulo, specifically in the Asset Management division. · In the context of university studies, he spent a term on exchange at the Pontifical Catholic University - Rio de Janeiro Ramon Darzi Graduated in Business Management from Insper - Institute of Education and Research - having spent a term on an exchange program at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Joined ASK Brazil in 2013.
  28. 28. Av. Álvares Cabral, 61 – 3o 1250-017 (+351) 21 393-2429 Lisbon Portugal R. Oscar Freire, 379 – Cjto 82 CEP: 01426-000 (+55-11) 2770-0500 São Paulo – SP Brazil Av. Revolução de Outubro, 171 – 1o 3762 (+222) 371-011 Luanda Angola