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One Voice Medicine


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Tells of my journey from traditional western medicine through speech language pathology, to natural therapies through yoga teaching, birthing education, massage therapy and hypno-therapy and how this came together in the writing of "The Story Behind The Story' a biography of a Navajo Medicine Man with a lifelong paraplegia. This book lead me to working with Indigenous communities in North America and Central Australia and my current book in progress One Voice Medicine: A Collection of North American and Indigenous Healers.

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One Voice Medicine

  1. 1. One Voice Medicine
  2. 2. In 2006 I visited Kenyan villages and learnt “women’s business” which I incorporated into Honoured Birth
  3. 3. In 2009 I had the priveledge of working with Indian obstetricians in rural Rajestan and then presenting at the Indian Caesarian Awareness Week Conference.
  4. 4. H O N OU RE D BI RT H
  5. 5. A Natural Therapies in Birthing Programme equipping and empowering women, their families, and practitioners, whose vision is safe best practice holistic birthing experience. Honoured Birth is research based and is accredited with the Australian College of Midwifery & The American College of Naturopathic Medicine for continuing education midplus points for practitioners.
  6. 6. Research shows: Women and their partners were often intimidated by medical, familial and cultural stereotypes, expectations and information Lacked the knowledge and therefore the confidence to assert their birthing needs, have them met and create the birthing experience they wanted Were often overwhelmed and confused with the huge choices of birth information, practitioners and environments in which to birth. Wanted a safe, creditable, professional forum in which to explore the knowledge and wisdom of both midwifery and complementary practices for all their prenatal, birthing and post-natal needs from physical to spiritual Honoured Birth offers a relaxing day or weekend offering you, or you and your partner, either individually or in a small group, a relaxing, nurturing experience and positive structures within which you can move forward into motherhood and family and realize your potential as individuals and parents. The experiences available are holistic combining yoga, naturopathy, reflexology, massage and more, while also exploring the age old traditional knowledge and wisdom of midwifery. All therapists and educators are experienced & caring professionals.
  7. 7. Honoured Birth:The Philosophy Women both want and need holistic support during their pregnancy and birth. Holistic Support encompasses: The Birthing Body Mental & Emotional Calm Spiritual, Familial, Cultural Social Needs Leg Strengthening Warrior Pose Breathing Visualization Practice Honoured Birth addresses these elements of holistic maternity care and birthing needs through Birthing Yoga Birthing Massage Hypno-Visualization Honouring the Sacred of Mother. Honoured Birth Retreat Smiths Lake NSW 2006 Birthing Yoga: Pelvic Floor & Breast Health
  8. 8. Smiths Lake Retreat NSW 2007 Sole to Soul Reflexology Session Retreat Byron Shire NSW 2009 Northern Beaches Sydney Retreat 2006 Pre-Natal Belly Dancing Honouring the Sacred of Mother
  9. 9. Holistic Spirituality Healing Health Care
  10. 10. Harmony completion wholeness -all aspects of self accepted unity peace at one with self feeling acknowledged and valued feeling connection with those in our families, communities, work environments living gently, at one with mother earth Our spirituality is the way we feel connected with a greater spiritual presence and how we express that.
  11. 11. Healing and Health Care Professional, research grounded services and technology in line with occupational health and safety standards In A healing environment Given with Compassion And Empathy – having our all health needs listened to, acknowledged and accepted Care of and to care for whole person needs -physical mental emotional and spiritual Respect for cultural and religious needs Connection between the healer and the patient. Feeling that everyone concerned with our care shares a health care philosophy
  12. 12. Bringing it together R E S E A R C H
  13. 13. SEARCH FOR MOTHER By Valerie Albrecht Published Inkwell Productions Arizona 2010
  14. 14. SEARCH FOR MOTHER BOOK TOUR: ALFACULTURA SOCIETY OF AUTHORS ALGARVE PORTUGAL: 2008 Reading and radio reading from “Search for Mother” “Search for Mother” Australia BOOK TOUR 2010: RIVERSIDE BOOKS MACLEAN: May 2010: Australian Launch LISMORE WORLD FAIR TRADE EVENT: May 2010 Signing COLLINS BOOKS GRAFTON: May 2010 SYDNEY MIND BODY SPIRIT EXPO: May 2010 NEW YORK BOOK EXPO: May 2010 DALTONS BOOKS CANBERRA: June 2010 BOOKWORMS & PAPERMITES BOOKSTORE BANGALOW NSW July 10 YAMBA BOOKSTORE: October 2010 Signing EAST WEST BOOKSTORE SEATTLE: Feb 2011 Reading & Signing BELLINGEN LIBRARY: Oct 2011 US Book tour “Search for Mother”: Feb-April 2010 US Book Tour “Search for Mother”: February 2011 Scottsdale AZ Reading & Signing Phoenix AZ Signing Sedona Signing Jerome AZ Signing Phoenix City Police Event Angels on Patrol Signing Houston Texas Bookstore reading & Signing California Village Books Mt Shasta reading & signing Portland Oregon National Librarians Conference Signing Medford Oregon Public Library: Reading & Signing University of Washington Seattle Signing Oregon Books by the Bay Bookshop Reading & Signing Phoenix AZ South West healing Place Reading & Signing Seattle Book Summit University of Washington “Lifelines Journaling” University of Seattle School of Theology & Ministry Search for Meaning Conference Speaker East West Bookstore Seattle Reading & Signing National College Naturopathic Medicine Portland Oregon: Feb Search for Mother Workshop Portland Birthing Way Lecture Seattle Women’s Business Exchange Freelancers US Book Tour “Search for Mother”: November 2011 Washington University Faculty of Nursing Lecture: “Search for Mother” Bastyr University Seattle: “Search for Mother”
  15. 15. W O R K S H O P S
  16. 16. Soon to be released: “T H E S T O R Y B E H I N D THE S T O R Y” Told by Elroy Begay Medicine Man Bamboo Springs Arizona Crafted by Valerie Albrecht Biographer Indigenous Peoples & Practitioner Eastern Western Natural Healing”
  17. 17. Between 2009 and 2013 I lived for extended periods on the Navajo reservation at Chinle Arizona, writing “ The Story Behind the Story”, Elroy Begay, Medicine Man’s biography, and learning his medicine, ceremonies and beliefs. I learnt that spirit and medicine are in all beings, and that for the Native American, healing cannot happen without including the spirit of the person, the spirit of the healer and the spirit of the land.
  18. 18. “The Story Behind The Story” Told by Elroy Begay Medicine Man Bamboo Springs Arizona Crafted by Valerie Albrecht Australian Biographer & Health Practitioner Soon to be released. The Story Behind The Story is a human historical biography of a practising Navajo Medicine Man who has a lifelong disability. It is told by both Medicine Man and myself, an Australian biographer and health practitioner who met by a series of synchronicities in Monument Valley in 2009. He tells the story of his two lives, one with a white family and the other with his Navajo family; of being cared for by both Western medicine and Navajo medicine throughout his disability; of the origin of his clan The Deer Spring Clan, not previously written; of his “modern history” with The Long Walk, Code Talkers, The Native American Religious Freedom Act and Rough Rock School Education Philosophy; of his ceremonies, beliefs and “pieces of hope” for his people. She tells of “Things That Happened” as she wrote with Medicine Man. The Story Behind the Story is one of acceptance and belief from personal to cultural, from First World to the Worlds Still to Come. It brings humaneness and spirit together reminding us all of our divinity.
  19. 19. In April 2013, whilst living on the Chinle Navajo reservation Arizona writing Elroy Begay medicine man’s biography, I presented Cultural Awareness and Writing workshops at Rough Rock Navajo Immersion School. This opened up a whole new exploration for me – shared ONE VOICE MEDICINE of North American and Australian Indigenous Healers. It is my hope this book will further unity of health consciousness through offering a “voice” for Indigenous Healers.
  20. 20. Since then I have been working, writing and researching Indigenous Healers in the Australian outback of New South Wales and Western Australia, and in New Mexico, Idaho and Dakota USA for “Medicine, Ceremony, Belief: An Intertribal Collection”. Darling River Australia Sturt Desert Pea Western NSW Australia Writer in Residence At The Mission El Morro New Mexico Gathering of Nations Albuquerque NM 2013 My writing cabin Canyon de Chelly Arizona 2013 Rocky Mountains Colorado On Mootawingee Road NSW Australia
  21. 21. • European Invasion • Land Stealing • White Australia Policy • Missionaries • Stolen Generation • Australian Reservation Life • Health Education Unemployment • Loss of Culture, Language, Self Identity Self Esteem
  22. 22. R E F I N D I N G
  23. 23. S o r r y
  24. 24. • Back to Country • Story Writing • Elders Groups • Tribal Councils • Community Engagement • Cultural Awareness
  25. 25. Paediatric Caseload • Babies: failure to thrive, feeding • Developmental delayed language & articulation • Developmental disordered language & articulation • Social Pragmatic Language Disorder • Autistic Spectrum Disorder • Hearing Cleft Palate Congenital Disorders • Fluency Stuttering • Voice Disorder
  26. 26. T h e r a p y Strategies • • • • • • • • • • • • Early referral Person Centered Family Centered Hierarchy of Needs Weekly fortnightly Clinic school home Modelling Expansion Praise Trans disciplinary Multi-sensory Make it real & culturally appropriate
  27. 27. My experiences in health and education service delivery for Indigenous communities, and in communities where there are Indigenous and nonIndigenous people sharing facilities, both in Australia and in America, has shown me that a broader vision; a non-traditional trans-disciplinary approach based on cultural knowledge; a hierarchy of needs based approach established through inclusion of community; and co-creative thinking and problem solving, are all required for potentials to be achieved and programs to be established.
  28. 28. What does it mean to deliver a Culturally Sensitive & Culture Based Service using “Native Ways of Knowing”? A culturally sensitive and culture based service is one which incorporates Native ways of knowing and learning. Research shows that Indigenous ways of knowing and learning are based on the spiritual beliefs of:
  29. 29. Knowledge is wisdom Knowledge is innate and natural The spiritual system is not separate from the knowledge system Both the seen and unseen worlds are knowledge bases That knowledge has come from inter-generational historical trauma.
  30. 30. My work experiences have shown that establishing health and education programs WHICH TRULY MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN NATIVE PEOPLES COMMUNITIES is directly related to a HOLISITIC SPIRITUALLY and CULTURALLY SENSITIVE approach involving COMMUNITY engagement.
  31. 31. Valerie Albrecht Biographer Indigenous Peoples Author & Practitioner Western Eastern Natural Health Speech Pathologist Yoga Teacher Childbirth Education Massage Therapist Hypno-Visualization Practitioner Reiki Master M: + 61 0406052339