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"The Game Has Changed, Have You?"


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2011 EE Conference Presentation

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"The Game Has Changed, Have You?"

  1. 1. The Game Has Changed, Have You?Tina Young & Susan YostMarketWave
  2. 2. MarketWave Overview MarketWave Tina Young • Founded in 1998 • President/Owner • National integrated marketing • 8-Year history with Oncor communications (IMC) firm • 15 years in energy sector • Deep knowledge of: • Corporate branding expertise – Smart meters – Energy efficiency Susan Yost – Deregulation • Vice President – Renewable energy • 15 years in marketing – Smart Grid technology • Extensive energy experience • PR/Social Media expertise
  3. 3. Agenda Your Brand Experience Print marketing – Billboards – Flyers – Advertising – Direct mail Online marketing – Texting – Social media Public Relations Community Connections Data capture – Tracking/measuring progress
  4. 4. Questions 1. What sort of time and budget did you dedicate to marketing this year? 2. How many of you have a marketing plan? 3. What are some marketing strategies and/or tactics that have worked? 4. Have you been able to tie your marketing to results? New business, increased sales?
  5. 5. Your Brand Experience Brand: • A promise • An experience • A personality Why do you recognize these top brands?
  6. 6. Your Brand Experience – Some Examples • Tagline: America Runs on Dunkin’ • Tagline: Love your mattress • Where consumers go for donuts • Christine Cook – owner/president • Simple and no frills • Love your mattress guarantee • Start your day right • Exceptional customer service • Reliable and fast service • Local expert plumber • Prompt, on-time service • Plumbers you can trust
  7. 7. Your Brand Experience – Customer Service Customer Service Guidelines • Commit to quality service • Know your products/services • Know your customers • Treat people with courtesy and respect • Don’t leave customers in limbo • Always provide what you promise • Make it easy to buy
  8. 8. Print Advertising • Print isn’t dead • Highly local • Eyeballs
  9. 9. Direct MailPrint direct mail stats:• Letter-sized envelopes had a response rate of 3.42% for a house list and 1.38% for a prospect list• Inserts had at $47.69 cost per lead• Postcards $75.32 cost per leadOnline direct mail stats:• Average of 19.47% open rate to house• 6.64% click-through rate• 1.73% conversion rate• Bounce-back rate of 3.72%• Unsubscribe rate of 0.77%
  10. 10. Website as a Marketing Tool
  11. 11. Texting CampaignsRed Cross Text Message MarketingCampaign“Text ‘Haiti’ to 90999… “This simple call to action, which was broadcastedon television, the radio and across socialnetworking sites, helped the American Red Crossraise more than $32-million for Haitian earthquakerelief in January. To date, it is the most successfulmobile-giving campaign; and therefore, hassparked much interest from other nonprofits lookingto emulate the Red Cross’ success. Cantina Laredo Weekly specials and happy hour discounts texted to high-valued customers.
  12. 12. Customer ReferralsEstablish a Referral Program • Consider branding it • Customers become extension of your sales force • 3rd party credibility • Track it • Build in “thank you” step
  13. 13. Public RelationsBenefits of PR• Expertise• 3rd party credibility• Thought leadership/POV• Ties you to trends, current conversationsWhat’s news and what isn’t• Criteria for newsworthy story: timing, significance, proximity, prominence, human interest• It’s not news that you’re still here
  14. 14. Community Connections• Non-traditional outlets • Church directory • PTA directory • Chamber of Commerce publications • Realtor brochures • Insurance agents • HOAs• Social Media • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube
  15. 15. Data Capture and Tracking/Measuring Progress
  16. 16. Q&A