Annual report 12 13 final


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Annual report 12 13 final

  1. 1. New ProvidenceNew ProvidenceNew ProvidenceNew ProvidenceElementary SchoolElementary SchoolElementary SchoolElementary SchoolLibrary Media CenterLibrary Media CenterLibrary Media CenterLibrary Media CenterLearning CommonsLearning CommonsLearning CommonsLearning Commons Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report2012201220122012 ---- 2013201320132013Valerie Byrd Fort,Valerie Byrd Fort,Valerie Byrd Fort,Valerie Byrd Fort,Learning Commons SpecialistKaren Gobbi,Karen Gobbi,Karen Gobbi,Karen Gobbi,Learning Commons AssistantBrenda Burkett,Brenda Burkett,Brenda Burkett,Brenda Burkett,Technology Integration SpecialistVision anVision anVision anVision and Missiond Missiond Missiond MissionThe Vision and Mission of the New Providence Elementary School Learning Commons is to ensure thatstudents are effective users of ideas and information in regards to both print and online resources. Westrive to provide materials and services appropriate to the curriculum of the school and to provideservices that meet the information and recreational needs of our learning community. We encourage the4 Cs - Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication and we provide opportunities forcollaboration between the Learning Commons Team and the Classroom Teacher to integrate informationliteracy and technology into classroom instruction.Learning CommonsLearning CommonsLearning CommonsLearning Commons TeamTeamTeamTeam HighlightHighlightHighlightHighlightssss forforforfor 2020202012121212----2020202011113333• Hosted author visit by Phil Bildner in April• Created a monthly newsletter for faculty and staff• Posted regular updates on the Learning Commonswebpage, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages• Held 2 Scholastic bookfairs. Bookfair events included aTeacher Preview and Family Night.• Participated in One for Books through the ScholasticBook Fair. Raised $300 and purchased books forHappy Wheels.• Hosted interns from USC• Valerie Byrd Fort and Brenda Burkett participated inWhatever It Takes meetings• Valerie Byrd Fort was a member of the Wonder Den• Valerie Byrd Fort served on the Lexington 1 LearningCommons Task Force• Valerie Byrd Fort served as Sunshine Committee Chairfor the Lexington 1 Library Media Specialists• Participated in the Global Read Aloud• Participated in the Let’s Read with the Lady GamecocksReading Program• Celebrated special dates such as International DotDay, National Library Week, Star Wars Reads Day,Free Comic Book Day, Digital Learning Day and ReadAcross America Week.• Participated in programs such as the S.C. Children’sBook Award program and the S.C. Picture Book Awardprogram• Hosted Roary’s Reading Lion Cubs once a month• Collaborated with other schools around the state with aSouth Carolina Children’s Book Award Book Club for3rd, 4th, and 5thgraders• Volunteered at Park North Apartments once a month• Hosted South Carolina Book Award CommitteeMeetings at NPES• Valerie Byrd Fort attended Leadercast• Registered Therapy Dog, Emily, came to the LearningCommons once a week.• Participated in the Columbia Blowfish ReadingProgram• Participated in Pizza Hut BOOK IT!
  2. 2. Number of Items in Print CollectionNumber of Items in Print CollectionNumber of Items in Print CollectionNumber of Items in Print Collection How many booksHow many booksHow many booksHow many books werewerewerewere checked outchecked outchecked outchecked outNumber of classes that used theNumber of classes that used theNumber of classes that used theNumber of classes that used the Learning Commons /Learning Commons /Learning Commons /Learning Commons / Learning Commons TeamLearning Commons TeamLearning Commons TeamLearning Commons Team01002003004005006007002008 - 2009 2009 - 2010 2010 - 2011 2011 - 2012 2012 - 2013640 classes were taught by the Learning Commons Team during the 2012-2013 school year. Activitiesand lessons included: author studies; library and reading advocacy; and learning how to use the LibraryCatalog (DestinyQuest). Information literacy skills were taught, such as: How to evaluate information inreference and non-fiction texts; using information; how to format a “works cited” page; and more!Students were taught effective methods of locating information on the Internet (including searchstrategies and the use of DISCUS). Specific collaborative units included Harlem Renaissance Researchwith 5thgrade; Country research with 5thgrade; Inventor/Invention research with 5thgrade; Continentresearch with 2ndgrade; Fiction vs Non-Fiction with 1stgrade; Small group research with 1stgrade; ABCsof South Carolina with 3rdgrade; and QR Code scavenger hunts with various grade levels.ReflectionReflectionReflectionReflection //// What’s Next?What’s Next?What’s Next?What’s Next?It was a busy year in the NPES Learning Commons! The Learning Commons Team taught numerouscollaborative lessons with all grade levels and we hope to increase that number next year. The LearningCommons is on a more flexible schedule, which allows us to collaborate more with teachers and students.We will continue to host special events, such as Digital Learning Day, Star Wars READS Day, and Book Fair.We hope to support teachers with Common Core implementation and will continue to be an importantresource to the entire NPES learning community.050001000015000200002500030000350002008 - 2009 2009 - 2010 2010 - 2011 2011 - 2012 2012 - 2013