VIVOCamp slides: agenda and slides on the extension of the ontology


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These are informal slides using during the VIVOCamp discussions. The PPT contains the agenda and the slides on the topic Extension of the ontology.

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VIVOCamp slides: agenda and slides on the extension of the ontology

  1. 1. Semantic Web in Libraries 2013 25 - 27 November 2013 Hamburg, Germany VIVOCamp VIVOCamp Collaboration here: Exchanging experiences with and information about VIVO November 25, 2013 - 9:00-12:00 AM Room No. 0.12 ground floor of Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg
  2. 2. Agenda • • Introduction of participants Deciding on priorities - put the topics in the final order: VIVOCamp • Technical: server specs + software versions Introduced by Lukas Koster (Library of the University of Amsterdam) – How to get Vivo up and running, from a small pilot on a shared server to full production environment on a dedicated server park. • Using the VIVO Harvester for ingesting data into VIVO Introduced by John Fereira (Cornell University) • Making VIVO instances communicate between each other • Extending the VIVO ontology for special needs: best practices and tools Introduced by Valeria Pesce (GFAR) • VIVO-CERIF alignment Introduced by Alberto Nogales Moyano (Universidad de Alcalá) A tool that translates VIVO into CERIF and vice versa; Mappings between VIVO and CERIF; Case study; VIVO export-import; Demo • Customisation of VIVO templates - ? Collaboration here:
  3. 3. Useful links • VIVOweb • VIVO under DuraSpace: • VIVO search: • VIVO at Cornell: VIVOCamp
  4. 4. VIVOCamp Semantic Web in Libraries 2013 25 - 27 November 2013 Hamburg, Germany Extending the VIVO ontology
  5. 5. VIVOCamp VIVO basic entities and relations
  6. 6. The whole ontology – just an overview VIVOCamp
  7. 7. Examples of needed extensions Extension of the ontology VIVOCamp
  8. 8. Extension of the ontology VIVOCamp Examples of needed extensions Organization Person and education Academy Agricultural researcher NGO Farmer Farmers Organization Extension / communication agent International Organization Policy maker Position [Positions] Revise? Sub-sub-class Agricultural research Institute Sub-sub-class Agricultural research center Senior Officer Administrative staff Information manager
  9. 9. Extension of the ontology: where? VIVOCamp • VIVO ontology editor?  Issues of future compatibility with new versions of the VIVO ontology • Ontology extension published independently? • If published independently, “domain-specific” or “scope-specific” ontology extensions (e.g. for libraries) can be re-used by VIVO instances with the same needs • Extensions that are general enough could be considered for inclusion in the core or as a general-use extension package  We created an ontology extension called “agrivivo” and published it
  10. 10. Extension of the ontology VIVOCamp We used an RDF vocabulary editing tool called Neologism (a Drupal distribution)
  11. 11. Subset of organization classes in AgriVIVO VIVOCamp Besides extending the ontology with necessary new classes, we decided not to use some of the existing VIVO classes. This is sort of an “Application Profile” with selected VIVO classes and AgriVIVO classes that are suitable for the domain of agriculture.