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  1. 1. Location Is a unitary republic of America located in the northwestern region of South America. Is incorporated in a social and democratic state of law whose form of government is presidential. It is organized politically into 32 decentralized departments. The capital of the republic is Bogotá.
  2. 2. Official language Spanish is the official language of the country and the languages ​​and dialects of ethnic groups are also official in their territories.
  3. 3. Flag and shield The National Flag of the Republic of Colombia is the flag that represents the country, and together with the arms and the national anthem
  4. 4. MEANING Yellow: Colombian soil richness, like the sun, light source, and sovereignty, harmony and justice. Blue: is the sky that covers the country, rivers and two oceans that bathe the Colombian territory. Red: the blood shed by patriots in the battlefield for freedom, which means love, power, strength and progress.
  5. 5. SHIELD • The blazon, • Phrygian cap • Isthmus of Panama • The Condor • laurel wreath
  6. 6. Currency The national currency is the Colombian peso. The Central Bank is an independent agency that controls the amount of money and foreign exchange control circulating in the economy.
  7. 7. For Bogotá have to come many times. It is impossible to enjoy everything the city has to offer in one trip. BOGOTÁ BARRANQUILLA The Carnival of Barranquilla is a mixed party of cumbias, joints, Mappalian, bagpipes, Chandos, puya, fandango, and fantastic merecumbés.AMAZONAS With the largest river in the world and the world's largest rainforest, the Amazon is also a treasure of Colombia
  8. 8. Is a sea of ​​fertile mountains of the Cordillera Oriental decorated by control cultures of the battles for independence that shaped South America. BOYACÁ CARTAGENA For their stories of pirates, its golden beaches, its architecture, its rumba and meal .SANTA MARTA Has a unique architectural heritage that evokes the banana boom times and literature of García Márquez.
  9. 9. For its beautiful women, people warm, spring weather, landscape of flowers and mountains MEDELLIN CALI In Colombia stands as the capital of the "rumba" street party, dancing and salsa, but also as a religious destination. PACIFICO Humpback whales come each year to the Colombian Pacific to procreate and sea turtles inhabit the wild.
  10. 10. Land Santander offers excellent scenery for lovers of extreme sports and ecotourism. SANTADER SAN ANDRÉS there are extensive sandy beaches for water sports under the guidance of its islanders friendly and cheerful. EJE CAFETERO Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda make the Coffee Triangle, so named because there was born the world's best coffee
  11. 11. The Hotel Rave Cartagena El Cantil, located on the banks Nuquí Pacific La Hacienda Bambusa in Quindio Ecolodge located in the department of Cordoba
  12. 12. for its culture and music
  13. 13. For their great athletes
  14. 14. The Colombian soccer passion.
  15. 15. And especially the beautiful people
  16. 16. Advantages: • You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature • The people are very kind and friendly, you will feel at home always • You will enjoy all meals and customs
  17. 17. Disadvantages • Has a high degree of contamination • On the streets you will find many jams • The climate is varied • There is insecurity in several areas
  18. 18. GLOSSARY • Isthmus: narrow strip of land joining, by sea, land over two areas, generally on both sides shores. • Degree: Grado • Blazon: Blasón : figure of a shield
  19. 19. REFERENCES • • • •