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To Infinite Possibilities and Beyond...


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Talk at Infinite Possibilities Conference, March 2012

Published in: Technology, Education
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To Infinite Possibilities and Beyond...

  1. 1. + To Infinite Possibilities and Beyond.. Valeria de Paiva Rearden Commerce, Foster City, CA, USA & School of Computer Science, Birmingham University, UK
  2. 2. +
  3. 3. REARDEN COMMERCE, Foster City, CA, USA
  4. 4. + Engineering Women at Rearden
  5. 5. + Diversity… Diwali celebration 2011
  6. 6. What do we do? I hear you ask….
  7. 7. Stanfordand…
  8. 8. Santa Clara University
  9. 9. PARC Forum:Adventures inSearchland, Aug 2009
  10. 10. NLTT: Natural Language Theory+ and Technology October 2000-May 2008
  11. 11. + Jumped?
  12. 12. + University of Birmingham, UK Computer Science 1996-2000
  13. 13. + University of Cambridge Computer Lab 1989-1995
  14. 14. + PUC—Rio de Janeiro Depto de Informatica 1984-1990
  15. 15. + Universidade de Cambridge DPMMS 1984-1989
  16. 16. + Bridges?Translation
  17. 17. + NOT TOY BRIDGES …Categorical Logic, DialecticaCategories and Their ApplicationsAutomated Theorem Proving andSemantics of Programming LanguagesLinear Functional Programming,Abstract Machines and Modal TypeTheoriesLogics for NLP, for Linguistic Inferenceand for Contexts in AICombining symbolic methods andanalytics to solve big data problems
  18. 18. + Working in interdisciplinary areas is hard, but rewarding.Are we there yet?   The frontier between logic, computing, linguistics and categories is a fun place to be.   Mathematics teaches you a way of thinking, more than specific theorems.   Barriers: proprietary software and unwillingness to `waste time’ on formalizations   Enablers: international scientific communities, open access NLP and other software, growing interaction between fields,…   Handsome payoff expected…   Fall in love with your ideas and enjoy talking to many about them...
  19. 19. + Thanks!
  20. 20. + NASSLI 2012: Come to Texas for the fun… The Fifth North American Summer School of Logic, Language, and Information at the University of Texas at Austin Johan van Benthem University of Amsterdam / Stanford University Twenty interdisciplinary Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction graduate-level courses, 90 minutes each, every day for five Craige Roberts Ohio State University days, on the UT campus, Questions in Discourse taught by leading international Noah Goodman Stanford University scholars, and crossing the interfaces of philosophy, Stochastic Lambda Calculus and its Applications in Semantics and Cognitive Science linguistics, computer science, psychology, statistics, and Mark Steedman University of Edinburgh logic. Combinatory Categorial Grammar: Theory and Practice Chris Potts Stanford University Extracting Social meaning and Sentiment June 18–22, 2012 L L I Registration: $175 (academic rate) / $400 (professional rate) Student scholarships available, see website for application instructions Accommodation provided for $70 / night (single) or $35 / night (double) Additional Courses: Special Events: Catherine Legg - University of Waikato Jonathan Ginzburg - University of Paris June 16–17: Bootcamp Session Possible Worlds: A Course in Metaphysics Robin Cooper - Göteborg University June 23–24: Texas Linguistic Society Conference (for Computer Scientists and Linguists) Type theory with records for natural language Special sessions on American Sign Language, Adam Lopez - Johns Hopkins University semantics Semantics, and Computational Linguistics Statistical Machine Translation Jeroen Groenendijk - University of Amsterdam Details regarding Call for Papers at Floris Roelofsen - University of Amsterdam June 23: Turing Centennial Symposium Eric Pacuit - Stanford University Social Choice Theory for Logicians Inquisitive semantics Valeria de Paiva - Rearden Commerce Shalom Lappin - King’s College London Ulrik Buchholtz - Stanford University Alternative Paradigms for Computational Semantics Introduction to Category Theory Tandy Warnow - University of Texas Adam Pease - Rearden Commerce Estimating phylogenetic trees in linguistics and Ontology Development and Application with biology SUMO Hans Kamp - University of Texas Ede Zimmermann - University of Frankfurt Mark Sainsbury - University of Texas Intensionality Vagueness and context Thomas Icard - Stanford University Steve Wechsler - University of Texas Surface Reasoning Eric McCready - Osaka University Workshop on Meaning as Use: Indexicality and Nina Gierasimczuk - University of Groningen Expressives (Speakers: Eric McCready, Steve Belief Revision Meets Formal Learning Theory Wechsler, Hans Kamp, Chris Potts, Pranav Anand, and Sarah Murray)NASSLLI is sponsored by the NSF (BCS 1019206), the UT College of Liberal Arts, and the UT Departments of Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology. Poster by Derya Kadipasaoglu ( and Christopher Brown