Social Media Workshop for Tennessee Publishing Association conference with Brad Wilkerson


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Workshop delivered at the TPA conference on 2/10/12 by Brad Wilkerson and James Hutto.

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  • JH\nWhat challenges? \nHow many are trying to get a program off the ground vs. have one and need help? \n
  • BW\n
  • BW\nIt is a tool to distinguish yourself. \nIt’s not just pushing content, it’s listening and responding. \nThe part that is often missed is the Listening piece of it. \n
  • BW \n How do you setup your organization to both listen to and brainstorm changes based off of listening feedback? \n
  • JH: Listening \n Managing a Team\n Syndication of Content \n Scheduling (or not) - how to post\n\n
  • BW\n
  • BW\n
  • JH - now cover the “how” \nGoogle Alerts \n\n
  • JH HootSuite \nRSS\nURL Shorteners\n
  • JH\n
  • JH Team Management \n * Multiple people. \n * Assign specific messages \n * \n\n
  • JH Moderation \nHow to keep everyone on -board? \nHow to keep things from getting out of control? \n\nHootsuite has answers - \n1) Content Moderation \n2) Monitoring of everyone on your account \n
  • JH Multiple people - not everyone is an expert\nAssign posts to a specific person to answer/respond to \nSee who is assigned, and see who responded (not on mobile though- d’oh) \n
  • JH Scheduling \nDoing it vs. Not \nBatching\n\n
  • JH\n
  • JH\n
  • JH Push to Facebook \nPush to Twitter\nPush to ..... Google+ \n
  • JH Allowing people to easily share your content is CRUCIAL\nFlipboard, Google Reader, etc\nOther things you can do: TwitterFeed. Google Reader to.... whatever \n
  • JH URL Shorteners: \nMust use to track links. Don’t necessarily have to put them ALL on Twitter. We use shortened URLs elsewhere to track clicks. \n\n
  • BW\n
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  • Social Media Workshop for Tennessee Publishing Association conference with Brad Wilkerson

    1. 1. Hands-on Social MediaBradley Wilkerson, 68 ComebackJames Hutto, Valeo MarketingFebruary 10, 2012
    2. 2. Hi, I’m JamesI work at Valeo in Memphis
    3. 3. I used to anInfrastructure Engineer
    4. 4. I used to anInfrastructure Engineer a web designer
    5. 5. I used to anInfrastructure Engineer a web designera super computer nerd
    6. 6. Now I’m an onlinemarketer who plays bass on weekends
    7. 7. Hi, I’m BradI work at 68 Comeback in Memphis
    8. 8. I am aDesigner
    9. 9. I am a DesignerDigital Strategist
    10. 10. I am a Designer Digital Strategistan expecting father
    11. 11. Quiz Time
    12. 12. Content isKing
    13. 13. A conversation Conversation
    14. 14. This means listening 14
    15. 15. Challenges 15
    16. 16. The most important thingyou’ll hear today The future is all about hearing what your business ecosystem (readers, subscribers, customers, business partners, employees, etc) has to say and collaborating internally and externally to meet their expectations. 16
    17. 17. Social Listening Strategy 1.Determine your target audience •Understand where to engage them online 2.Identify the influencers •The type of people who follow or friend you are more important than the numbers •Determine which individuals are sharing content and links, and their sentiment about it 3.Know the keywords and trends •Determine the topics that are important to your business and identify them as potential keywords 17
    18. 18. You need high-poweredlistening
    19. 19. You need high-poweredlistening
    20. 20. Tools More Tools 19
    21. 21. 20
    22. 22. Manage a Team 21
    23. 23. ModerationHow to Control/Moderate 22
    24. 24. Assignment Assignments 23
    25. 25. Scheduling Scheduling 24
    26. 26. ReallySimpleSyndication
    27. 27. RSS - wellYour content is water in awell…
    28. 28. Make your content a stream
    29. 29. So, of course, the crowd goeswild!
    30. 30. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” - Lord Kelvin
    31. 31. Thank /