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Presentation 2/8/11 for Promotional Products Association of the Midsouth conference in Tunica, MS.

The Internet is moving at an ever-increasing pace, so understanding how to use online tools promote your business has become a necessity to stay competitive. This session will cover the basics of marketing to search engines, as well as a 4-step P.L.E.T. methodology for social media marketing. Then you will take a detailed look at two of the most widely used social networks, Twitter & Facebook.

Join us on 2/8/11 from 8:30-10:00am where James Hutto, an industry expert with over a decade of experience in online marketing, will show you:
* How search engines work, and how to market on them
* What social media marketing is, and why your business needs it
* Best practices for marketing on any of the social networks
* How to setup your Facebook profile to separate business & personal
* Which one is right for you: Facebook Groups vs. Fan Pages
* How to measure online efforts and know your are generating results

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  • 38 – Radio 13 – TV4- Internet 3-Ipod2- Facebook
  • The number of Internet Devices has multiplied exponentially
  • The number of Internet Devices has multiplied exponentially
  • The number of Internet Devices has multiplied exponentially
  • 4x 10*19Exabyte is a million terabytes
  • NTT JAPAN has successfully tested a cable that pushed 14 trillion bits per second down a single strand of fiberThat is 2,660 CDs or 210 million phone callsThose numbers are TRIPLING every 6 months and are expected to do so for the next 20 YEARS
  • 1 person buys a device to access the Internet2 blogs are started 3 YouTube videos are posted4 people sign up for FaceBook500 words are added to Wikipedia1 out of 8 couples married last year in the U.S. met onlineA recent study showed that 49% of online American use search engines in a typical day.
  • Interruptive marketing
  • Interruptive MarketingCostly UntargetedTune it out
  • First and Foremost! Be where the people are looking!
  • SEO
  • WOW- that is an effective ToolWord of Web
  • Before you we talk about ‘why’ social media, I want to make sure that everyone has a basic understanding of the ‘what’ first.
  • Well not really
  • Enables people to talk ... Running Office... OprahWe listen/laugh/think about/comment on/share many different views and opinions in these online conversations. Sometimes we act… or change our mind…. or just forget about it altogether… but we enjoy the experience and come back for more.
  • It’s really that simple!
  • According to 1997 book from David Shenk: In 1971 the average American was targeted by at least 560 daily advertisingmessages. Twenty years later, that number has risen six fold, to 3,000 messages per day.
  • You won’t be able to find out unless Try some things
  • Ask QuestionsPost news (links), facts, events, comments, etcShare experiences and opinionsWhat to PostRelevance TimingHave a strategy with what/when you postLinking & CredibilityEtiquette People are skimming! Use Keywords, write a compelling headline
  • I’ll bet you ?’s about your business: pain points, where you’re struggling and where you could use help….. If I explained why our strategy would work…. Talked about previous successes and showed you tangible results….If I did all of those things throughout the course of a long conversation, I have ZERO doubt that you would want to work with my firm. That is what you need to focus on in social media. People ONLY see what you put out there! That’s your content! Put out good content, because if you form some relationships and get involved in some conversations relative to what you do, and you really sound like you know your stuff, and you have published articles and case studies and success stories, YOU WILL accomplish your goals if you do all of those things effectively.
  • Think of it as a crowded bar! Short and sweet gets the job doneTwitter people are usually skimmingLooking for key words
  • Don’t post the same crap that you’ve already seen posted 9 times, come onDon’t be that Tweeter
  • PermanentDiscoverableReal-time
  • Welcome the Party
  • 50 million tweets per dayExpected to be the first web service to amass 1 Billion users (by 2013) (Fast Company)1200-1400% growth50% of new users off in 60 days
  • Frank Eliason:ImmediacyTackle the Positive & NegativeContinuous customers service support
  • If you don’t tell your story, someone else willParticipateRespondPromoteBe Human
  • Ford does a great job of this now as well
  • Other uses I can think of: Spy on your competitorsListen for complaints
  • There are a variety of sites with custom backgrounds, templates, etc. that will help you get one done
  • NOTES: Take Homes
  • ContextDon’t OveruseAdd valueOctothorpe
  • Facebook is the champ for the foreseeable future
  • Different ball gameThink about other ways to connect:
  • Audience is different. More engaged for longer periods. Keep that in mind!
  • Don’t think about your social media presence like marketers have thought about websites for year: set it up and let it run!
  • With that being said- READ!!! You’re playing on Facebook, which is based on the INTERNETTHE SINGLE GREATEST RESEARCH TOOL KNOWN TO MAN!
  • These are things that you need to understand, so go and play around and figure it out. It will be a learning experience for you. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?
  • More widely known (probably just because they’ve been around longer)
  • More than 10 million users become fans of Pages each day
  • For the sake of this class….
  • We call this ‘building your social capital”
  • It’s easy to setup- spend time to be consistent and communicate within the organization, b/t departments. listen! People self congregate- reach out 3) Listen! 4. On-going process, no set timelines and budgets 5)Don’t just ask ‘how can we get more’? Maybe you have all you need to be successful- make them evangelists for you!
  • Closing word about setting goals
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