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Get moving: Presentation on Mobile technology for Tennessee Publishing Association with Brad Wilkerson


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Increasingly, newspapers are looking to mobile devices as a way not only to build readership, but also to generate subscription revenue. Mobile applications for iPhones, Android-based phones, and BlackBerrys are becoming more common, as are mobile-optimized websites. But what are the costs involved with building and maintaining a mobile presence? Can smaller papers afford the cost and time to build a mobile presence?

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Get moving: Presentation on Mobile technology for Tennessee Publishing Association with Brad Wilkerson

  1. 1. Get Moving:Mobile Platforms & the News IndustryBradley Wilkerson, 68 ComebackJames Hutto, Valeo MarketingFebruary 9, 2012
  2. 2. JH + BW = 25 yrs of digital
  3. 3. Lila +1
  4. 4. Coverage...1 What’s Happening2 How you should be thinking & planning3 Tools to actually do it
  5. 5. Pop Quiz
  6. 6. 1) Got mobile?2) % of your readers... Own a smartphone? Tablet? Access your site w/mobile? Specific device/app/browser?
  9. 9. Smart vs Dumb: 50% in 2012
  10. 10. Mobile vs PC: Game Over
  11. 11. Only 21% of businesseshave a mobile website.40% go to competitor dueto a bad experience.
  12. 12. 15-20% of all online searches
  13. 13. Not An Afterthought: WaPo Social• Aggregates preferred content via Facebook.• 5 millions user since September 2011.• Hyper-local (no distribution out side of D.C.).• Created a wider footprint through partnerships that expand the scope of its content.
  14. 14. Why I hate mobile
  15. 15. Mobile downers...1 Small Display, Slow Connection, Tiny Keyboard.2 Works on iPhone, but doesn’t work for reader.3 You can’t be sloppy.
  16. 16. Mobile App vs. Mobile Website
  17. 17. Questions to Ask:1 Internet connection?2 Data stored on the device?3 Location aware?
  18. 18. Development Costs?
  19. 19. Whoa, Nellie. (Reality Check)
  20. 20. Caveat Emptor:• DO IT RIGHT.• Make sure you use a firm that truly understands your needs.• Don’t get “sold” on an App if you don’t really need one.
  21. 21. Thank /