AMA Nonprofit Conference Presentation: Your Nonprofit is Using the Internet Wrong (and what to do about it)


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Presentation to the American Marketing Association Nonprofit conference in Washington, D.C. - July 15th, 2013 #AMANP

A 3-hour workshop titled "Your Nonprofit is Using the Internet Wrong (and what to do about it)"

We started with a analysis of each attendees' digital marketing efforts and outline some basic goals for the workshop.

Then we dug into an analysis of each nonprofit website:
- Calls to Action
- Funnels
- Conversion rate
- Blog

We did a complete SEO site audit of all sites and walked through those with attendees, and then we spent a good bit of time talking about email marketing best practices and answering questions.

Finally, as I started to run out of time, we talked about retargeting ad campaigns and then went back to the original "grade" from the beginning of the class and I had everyone develop an action plan for the priorities that they need to focus on for their site.

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AMA Nonprofit Conference Presentation: Your Nonprofit is Using the Internet Wrong (and what to do about it)

  1. 1. Your Nonprofit is using the InternetWrong (and what to do about it)  @JamesHutto | @ValeoMarketing 2013
  2. 2. Hi, I’m James I work at Valeo a digital marketing agency
  3. 3. I used to be a computer nerd
  4. 4. I used to be a computer nerd a server engineer
  5. 5. I used to be a computer nerd an server engineer a web developer
  6. 6. Now I rock online marketing for clients in the U.S. & internationally ...and sometimes I play a little bass
  7. 7. Agenda [wake up] Intro, Overview Overarching themes Site Review - coffee -
  8. 8. Here's what I need
  9. 9. What do you need from this?
  10. 10. My nonprofit chops
  11. 11. Nonprofit Challenge #1Limitations
  12. 12. Nonprofit Challenge #2Doing more with less
  13. 13. Nonprofit Challenge #3The Internet has given everyone A.D.H.D
  14. 14. Overarching Themes
  15. 15. “ Good marketing is just telling a compelling story that compels an action Me (yeah, that’s right... quoting myself)
  16. 16. 17 Realize the power of visual
  17. 17. 18 KnowYour Audience
  18. 18. “ If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Lord Kelvin (SirWilliamThomson)
  19. 19. Pop Quiz:(not really, but I do want you to write it down for me) 1) What grade do you give your organization's digital marketing efforts?   2) What's your biggest marketing challenge, or the thing that's holding you back from a better grade? 
  20. 20. Time to grade yourself!
  21. 21. Let's take a look at an example Funnels & Calls-to-Action
  22. 22. Mobile friendliness is important How are you doing?
  23. 23. How to test your website’s mobile behavior (the easy way) (If you’re not using Chrome, get with the program) See this post on our blog for instructions: testing-mobile-websites-in-chrome/
  24. 24. Up Next Site Audits - break - Email Marketing Content Marketing
  25. 25. Site Audit Website Audit
  26. 26. This Site Audit is a tool designed to illuminate the performance and SEO errors found on your website. This can be quite technical, so I need to know much detail to go into...
  27. 27. If you didn’t receive your audit, or would like to signup for this $499 free offer:
  28. 28. I need 2 or 3 volunteers Who’s willing to throw your site on the chopping block?
  29. 29. Let’s dive into your audits
  30. 30. Some basics on meta Meta information can have a significant impact on click-through rates, as well as SEO
  31. 31. Title70 chars
  32. 32. MetaDescription 156 chars
  33. 33. How are we doing? Too technical, or keep going?
  34. 34. Let's talk about Email Marketing
  35. 35. ROI is 4000% $40.56 for every $1 spent 2011 DMA study: Email Marketing
  36. 36. “Most people are hesitant to email often. Don’t be. Message your lists as often as you can provide value to them. Me (yeah, that’s right... quoting myself)
  37. 37. Email Marketing vs. Email Nurturing
  38. 38. Reach Generic “ONE TO MANY” Email marketing is used to communicate general information to a broad audience for informational purposes Targeted “ONE TO ONE” Nurturing provides the right content to the right person at the right time. Nurturing gets 4-10x the response rate over stand- alone email * DemandGen Report *Data pulled from Email Marketing vs. Lead Nurturing infographic from MarketStar Email Marketing vs. Email Nurturing
  39. 39. Focus Broad “SAME TO ALL” Blast emails typically contain the same content and CTA’s no matter whom the audience is or what stage they are in. Email Marketing vs. Email Nurturing Custom “PERSONALIZED” Communicates relevant, educational content personalized to the recipient’s role, interests and activity profile Relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcasts. * Jupiter Research
  40. 40. If you aren't already segmenting your email list to improve the relevancy of your email marketing, you should be
  41. 41. You need to ensure that you have these setup for all email services to increase deliverability. Many email providers and spam filters will automatically send your messages to junk if they are not setup, or are configured incorrectly. AWord on Email Deliverability: SPF and DKIM
  42. 42. Tell me about your efforts
  43. 43. Content Marketing
  44. 44. “Good marketing is just good storytelling Remember...
  45. 45. How will you “Feed the Beast”
  46. 46. Blogging Extremely difficult and time-consuming to create new content, but the payoffs are undeniable. All anyone has to judge you by is (usually) the content that you put out there for them.  If you don’t tell your story, who will?
  47. 47. Setup Google Authorship! Users are more likely to click, even if you don’t rank as high
  48. 48. Up Next Social Media Retargeting Action plan - End -
  49. 49. Social Media Didn’t prepare a ton here, because I’m assuming most you have already heard it by now.
  50. 50. Faceb,ooo,ooo,oook Let’s talk about
  51. 51. • 1,300,000,000+ users • 250,000,000 photos ↑ daily • 25% = 5x per day • 1 in 5 pages views (U.S.) Sources: Faceb,ooo,ooo,oook
  52. 52. This algorithm hides boring stories, so if your story doesn't score well, no one will see it.
  53. 53. Shareholders want a return... and Facebook is an advertising platform They want you to pay for more exposure, so ignore Edgerank improvement and you’ll pay for it (literally)
  54. 54. This is a paid ad... but can you guess how it’s different?
  55. 55. What other social media to hit?
  56. 56. Retargeting You’re a bonehead if you’re not investing in retargeting. It’s the kind of precise targeting power that marketers dream of. Harness it.... now! If you could send a specific message to someone who looked at a page on your site but did not take an action, what would it be?
  57. 57. Retargeting in Action Visited this website to check out their offering
  58. 58. Ads can be targeted anywhere on Google’s Ad Network (and beyond)
  59. 59. Ads can also be retargeted to users on Facebook.
  60. 60. You’re seeing more of these than you may realize
  61. 61. This can be as broad or as granular as you want
  62. 62. For example: Visit our Nonprofits page
  63. 63. And you’ll see ads that talk about Nonprofit experience
  64. 64. Visit our Memphis Web design page
  65. 65. And you’ll see ads that talk specifically about web design (and Memphis)
  66. 66. Create your Action Plans This is the next-to-last sheet in your packet.
  67. 67. Connect  &  ask  me  anything)   James  Hu5o Managing  Project  Director Valeo  Online  Marke>ng 516  Tennessee  Street Memphis,  TN  38103 Tel:  800.647.4552  x704     james@valeomarke>   valeomarke> @JamesHu5o @ValeoMarke>ng Connect  with  me!