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A Mother - God's Boon


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A mother’s love knows no bounds, knows no limits. It only knows love, understands love and makes sacrifices for that very love.

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A Mother - God's Boon

  1. 1. Mother’s day Mothers are God’s boon. The most lovable creation with the heart of gold. Mother’s love is unconditional. They stand by their children through every thick and thin and they are the beings with limitless perseverance, boundless affection and endless endurance. Scientifically, a mother experiences up to 57 del of pain, when giving birth, where in, a human body can bear only up to 45 del of pain. It is like 20 bones getting fractured at the same time in the body. Bearing the baby for nine months and experiencing such a pain, still wanting to hold the baby is the first display of her forbearance. A mother gives up everything for her child. There’s a replacement for everything possible in life but not for mother. Mother’s race is one of its kind. What flowers to gift a mother and why Carnations are the flowers for mothers. It is said when Jesus was crucified, mother Mary cried at Jesus’s feet. Her tears turned into carnations. Pink and red carnation are for lovely moms, who are by our side and whose existence delights us every moment. White carnations are for those who have passed away but in prayers, their memories remain.
  2. 2. Gifting flowers or a flower bouquet is also believed to be a sign of care and is thought to improve psychological health. The word ‘Maa’ is a manifestation of wisdom, knowledge, prosperity, bravery and endurance. When put together, the form that emerges is a mother. As in Hindu mythology different forms of goddess depict different energies. But all of them manifest in one. Such is the power of a mother. A mother fosters her kids under all circumstances. Single handedly or with a paternal support, but she never fails. Mother never loses faith on her kids. When kids are under mother’s eyes, she grooms them into fine human beings. She bestows them with the power of knowledge and wisdom. A mother teaches her kids to differentiate between the good and the bad. No mother teaches her kids anything unethical for her self- interest. For, mothers do not have a self-interest. They are the most dedicated race. Even a new born pup cuddles around mother, because, the pup knows that mother is the only life support. That’s the beauty of a mother- child relationship. A mother’s love cannot be put in words or defined in sentences. This a vast subject with no ending. Since a mother’s love extends to infinity. It’s a circle with no origin or end. There’s are a few things which never change and will never ever change, one of which is a mother’s love. Mother’s day is a small reason to celebrate this beauty of nature. For Gifts check this lovely website SEND MY GIFT Author: Soumi Mukherjee