Introduction on Service Design


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Introduction on Service Design for Jam in Milan-Global Service Jam 2013

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Introduction on Service Design

  1. 1. Introduction to Service design jaminmilan 2013 TW: @melavsmela #GSJ13
  2. 2. Overview + what is service design + what is product + what is service design process & tools Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  3. 3. Service design? How Emerged Product Design Interaction Design SD User-Centric Practice Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  4. 4. To achieve a task Values buy products? Why do we Products Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  5. 5. Values Actions offered by a system of Interactions Objects Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  6. 6. product? Is this just a Amazon Kindle Fire Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  7. 7. “We don’t think of the Kindle Fire as a tablet. We think of it as a service.” Jeffrey Bezos- founder, president, CEO and Chairman of the board Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  8. 8. Interactions + Actions + Objects touchpoints through which customer interacts with the service Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  9. 9. services Designing Design the experience Map the activity Define the interaction Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  10. 10. Design process “Design process” described in IDEO toolkit for educators Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  11. 11. MARKETING IT & OPERATIONS DESIGN SALES departmentS Collaboration among Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  13. 13. principles Service Design 1) user centered 2) co-creative 3) sequencing 4) evidencing 5) holistic source: M. Stickdorn-J.Schneider “This is service design thinking” Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  14. 14. tools Service Design Stakeholder Maps Service Safaris Shadowing Customer Journey Maps Contextual Interviews The Five Whys Expectation Maps Personas What if.. Design Scenarios Storyboards Desktop Walkthrough Co-Creation Storytelling Service Blueprints Business Model Canvas source: M. Stickdorn-J.Schneider “This is service design thinking” Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  15. 15. a customer journey... “Nivea Inside”- G. Baron,V. Grauso, D. Schor, He Xin Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  16. 16. A trip starts and ends at home Plan the vacation Book the vacation Transfer to the airport/rail station/bus station Pack Waiting Rooms Travel Transfer to destination Accommodation in hotel Transfer TravelWaiting Rooms Transfer home Activities (....) Collecting memories Pack Organize Memories .... Jaminmilan-GSJ13
  17. 17. stop talking, start doing, let’s jaam! And now.. Jaminmilan-GSJ13