Timetable assignment 1


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Timetable assignment 1

  1. 1. Nombre; Luz MariaJuarezDavilaE-mail: ljuarez@utzac.edu.mxTema: Lesson Plan and Timetable of How to draw a lesson plan? And Intercultural leraning.Utez.
  2. 2. TOPIC CONTENT AREAUse of social forms Language Teaching, Planning and Evaluation, and Language Learning Processes.Learning in a group Language Teaching, Planning and Evaluation, Self- Assessment and development.Function of the Common European Planning and Evaluation.Framework of ReferenceWhich are the different learner types Language Learning Processes.Thefourskills Language Learning Processes, Planning and Evaluation and Language Awareness.Speakingactivities Language TeachingHow do we draw up a lesson plan? Planning and Evaluation.How do I present a grammar structure? Planning and Evaluation, Language Teaching.Micro-peer teaching Language Teaching, Planning and Evaluation, Self- Assessment and developmentDifferent types of exercises in language Language Awareness,Language and Culture,classrooms Language Teaching and Planning and Evaluation.Using pictures in a language classroom Language Teaching, Planning and Evaluation.Feedback rules Self- Assessment and development.Pronunciation training Language Awareness, Language Teaching, Planning and Evaluation.Learning strategies and learner autonomy Language Learning Processes.Difficultclassroomsituations Language Teaching, Planning and Evaluation, Self- Assessment and development.Progresstests Language Learning Processes, Language Teaching, Planning and Evaluation, Self- Assessment and development..The use of media e-learning / blended Language Teaching, Planning and Evaluation,learningIntercultural learning Language and Culture.
  3. 3. INTERCULTURAL LEARNING. 9:30-11:00 11:15-12:45 2:00-3:30 3:45-5:15Monday Warming up with What is What do we Intercultural theIntroduction of intercultural understand by awareness. learning? the word Intercultural ¨culture¨. learning I.(Methodologic background)Tuesday How much Intercultural Intercultural How does this awareness do communicative awareness skills affect the role of you have about competence. the teacher?? the second language`s culture that are you teaching? When should we Conclusions Warming up with When should weWednesday introduce this?) ( What am I the introduction introduce doing?) of Intercultural Intercultural Learning II ( awareness?. practical suggestions for the classrooms)Thursday Intercultural Ways to develop Ways to develop Recount the awareness and intercultural intercultural students perspectives on competence I competence II experiences ( if communication they got..)friday Conclusions Conclusion (What Further readings Feedback (Why bother…?) am I actually doing)
  4. 4. HOW TO DRAW UP A LESSON PLAN? 9:30-11:00 11:15-12:45 2:00-3:30 3:45-5:15Monday Warming up with Why do lesson What are the Hoe often should theIntroduction plans? basic lesson plans be components of a written? and definition of complete lesson Lesson Plan, plans?Tuesday Developing the Developing the Developing the Developing the basics basics components basics basics components of a of a lesson components of a components of a lesson plan: plan:,Assessments. lesson plan: lesson plan: LerningObjetives, Activities Material Resources .Wednesday Sample Developing the Reflection Ideas Post Class Instructional basics components and Prompts for Reflection Resources. of a lesson plan: Students. questions for Wrag-up and teachers. ReflectionsThursday Lesson Plans Sample Lesson Sample Lesson Sampe Lesson Templates. Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3friday Sample Scoring Ged Essay A Wrtting Rubric. Accident Report Rubrics. Scorring Guide. andAnalytic Rubric Activity Scoring Rubric andDramatic for Writing Reading Rubric. Asssessment with a ESL StudentsREFERENCES:http://www.youblisher.com/p/80213-Lesson-Planning-Guide/http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/articles/intercultural-learning-1