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Hp 3500 3700

  1. 1. HP3500/3700TECH Technical Instructions Printers OEM Info Tools 1 CORPORATE HP Color LaserJet 3500 Part Number: Q2670A – Tools required: Black (HP CLJ3500/3550/3700) Phillips Screwdriver LOS ANGELES, USA HP Color LaserJet 3500N Small Flat Blade Screwdriver US 1 800 394.9900 HP Color LaserJet 3550 Part Number: Q2681A – X-acto knife Int’l +1 818 837.8100 Cyan (HP CLJ3700) Mag Funnel FAX 1 800 394.9910 HP Color LaserJet 3550N Part Number: Q2682A – Diagonal cutters Int’l +1 818 838.7047 HP Color LaserJet 3700 Yellow (HP CLJ3700) Spring Hook HP Color LaserJet 3700N DRPINTOOL Part Number: Q2683A – ATLANTA, USA HP Color LaserJet 3700DN Magenta (HP CLJ3700) Supplies required: US 1 877 676.4223 HP Color LaserJet 3700DNT Part Number: Q2671A – Padding Powder Cyan (HP CLJ3500/3550) Soft Lint-Free Cloth Int’l +1 678 919.1189 Cotton Swabs FAX 1 877 337.7976 Part Number: Q2672A – Conductive Grease Int’l +1 770 516.7794 Yellow (HP CLJ3500/3550) Anhydrous Isopropyl Alcohol Part Number: Q2673A – Vacuum or Compressed Air Magenta (HP CLJ3500/3550) Sealing Foam KANSAS CITY, USA US 1 913 871.1700 FAX 1 913 888.0626 Photo 1 MIAMI, USA Step 1 US 1 800 595.4297 Int’l +1 305 594.3396 Hold the cartridge so the drive gear element is FAX 1 800 522.8640 facing you. Release the tension spring attached Int’l +1 305 594.3309 to the drum shutter using a spring hook. NEW YORK, USA (See Photo 1) US 1 800 431.7884 Int’l +1 631 588.7300 FAX 1 800 431.8812 Int’l +1 631 588.7333 TORONTO, CAN CAN 1 877 848.0818 Int’l +1 905 712.9501 FAX 1 877 772.6773 Int’l +1 905 712.9502 BUENOS AIRES, ARG Photo 2 ARG 0810 444.2656 Step 2 Int’l +011 4583.5900 FAX +011 4584.3100 Rotate the cartridge so the contact end of the cartridge is facing you. Release cartridge MELBOURNE, AUS tension spring attached to the waste and toner AUS 1 800 003. 100 hoppers using a spring hook. Int’l +62 03 9561.8102 FAX 1 800 004.302 (See Photo 2) Int’l +62 03 9561-7751 SYDNEY, AUS AUS 1 800 003.100 Int’l +62 02 9648.2630 FAX 1800 004.302 Int’l +62 02 9548.2635 MONTEVIDEO, URY URY 02 902.2001 Photo 3 Int’l +5982 902.2001 Step 3 FAX +5982 900.0858 Use an X-acto knife to remove the plastic cover- JOHANNESBURG, S.A. ing the cartridge pin. S.A. +27 11 974.6155 (See Photo 3) FAX +27 11 974.3593 SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL Int’l +55 11 5524.8000 RAANANA, ISRAEL ISR 09 760.12.39 Int’l +972 9760.12.39 ISR 052.38.555.82 Int’l +972 5238.555.82 E-mail: info@futuregraphicsllc.com Website: www.futuregraphicsllc.com REV. 8/01/06
  2. 2. 2 HP3500/3700 Technical Instructions Photo 7 Step 7 Position the waste hopper with drum facing up and towards you. Step 4 (See Photo 7) Using diagonal cutters, remove the cartridge pin. (See Photo 4) Photo 8 Photo 4 Step 8 Locate the spring pin that locks the drum’s drive hub in place. Rotate drum until the square opening on the drive hub faces up. (See Photo 8) Photo 9 Step 9 Use the DRPINTOOL to push the spring pin Step 5 through the round opening of the drum hub Rotate the cartridge again so the and shaft. Use the alignment pin to ensure the drive element is facing you. Repeat feed through hole of the tool is correctly steps 4 and 5 to remove the car- aligned. Turn the tool handle clock wise and tridge pin. (See Photo 5) align the point of the tool shaft into the spring NOTE: If needed, use the X-acto pin hole. Turn the handle with consistent effort knife to cut slots for improved until the pin exits from the feed through hole. access to the pin using the diagonal (See Photo 9) cutters. Photo 10 Step 10 Photo 5 Remove the drum axle and drum. Set aside. (See Photo 10). Cover drum to protect from light exposure. Photo 11 Step 11 Release the white PCR retaining arms from Step 6 each end of the PCR. (See Photo 11). Carefully Separate toner hopper from the remove the PCR. Clean PCR using a dry, soft waste hopper. (See Photo 6) Set lint-free cloth. NOTE: If needed, water can be toner hopper aside. used to clean the PCR. Photo 6 Photo 12 Step 12 Clean PCR saddles with a cotton swab and Anhydrous Isopropyl Alcohol. (See Photo 12)
  3. 3. HP3500/3700 Technical Instructions 3 Photo 13 Step 13 Remove the two Phillips screws holding the wiper blade using #1 Phillips screwdriver. Lift one end of the wiper blade with the Step 19 needlenose pliers and pull the blade away from Clean drum axle bearings and drum the waste hopper. contact with cotton swab and (See Photo 13) Anhydrous Isopropyl Alcohol. (See Photos 19 & 20) Photo 14 Step 14 Photo 19 Remove the OEM wiper blade sealing foam from the waste hopper. (See Photo 14) Step 15 Photo 15 Clean waste hopper with a vacuum or dry compressed air. Remove any remaining toner Photo 20 using a dry soft lint-free cloth. Step 16 Apply padding power to the new wiper blade using a soft lint-free cloth. Place the new wiper blade onto the waste hopper. Install the two screws that hold the waste hopper in place. (See Photo 15) Photo 16 Step 17 Step 20 Apply sealing foam along the edge of the wiper Apply conductive grease to the blade and waste cartridge. right side axle bearing using the (See Photo 16) cotton swab stick end. (See Photo 21) Apply padding powder to the OPC drum using a lint-free soft cloth. Photo 17 Photo 21 Step 18 Apply conductive grease to the black PCR sad- dle. Place the white PCR retaining arms on each side of the PCR and install the PCR. (See Photos 17 & 18) Photo 18
  4. 4. 4 HP3500/3700 Technical Instructions Photo 24 Step 23 Apply conductive grease to the drum axle con- tact. (See Photo 24) Rotate the drum 5 to 10 Step 21 revolutions to ensure drum is not binding on Place OPC drum onto the waste the wiper blade. Clean the padding powder off hopper so the drive hub sits next to the PCR using a dry soft lint-free cloth while the contact. Install drum axle rotating drum. through the OPC drum. (See Photo 22) Photo 22 Photo 25 Step 24 Reconnect the spring attached to the drum shutter. Set the waste hopper aside and cover unit to protect OPC drum from light. Step 25 Remove the Phillips screw holding the contact end cap to the toner hopper using the #1 Phillips screwdriver. (See Photo 25) Step 22 Photo 26 Align the square opening on the Step 26 drum drive hub with the hole in the drum axle. Install the drum spring Remove the two Phillips screws holding the pin. Use the alignment pin to ensure developer roller end cap using the #1 Phillips the feed through hole of the tool is screwdriver. (See Photo 26) Remove the end correctly aligned with the drum drive cap. hub hole. Turn the tool handle clock- wise with consistent effort until approximately 1/8” of pin is exposed through both sides of the drum drive hub. (See Photo 23) Photo 27 Step 27 Photo 23 Carefully rotate the toner hopper so the gear assembly is facing you. Remove the two screws that hold the gear housing end cap to the toner hopper. (See Photo 27) Remove the end cap. Photo 28 Step 28 Remove the large black drive gear and the white developer roller gear. (See Photo 28) E-mail: info@futuregraphicsllc.com Website: www.futuregraphicsllc.com
  5. 5. HP3500/3700 Technical Instructions 5 Photo 29 Step 29 Release the clip that holds the gear retaining plate using a small flat bladed screwdriver. (See Photo 29) Step 34 Remove the two Phillips screws holding the doctor blade to the toner hopper. Clean the doctor blade using dry compressed air. (See Photo 34) Photo 30 Photo 34 Step 30 Remove the three white gears from the end of the hopper. (See Photo 30) Photo 31 Step 35 Step 31 Clean gears using dry compressed Using a Phillips screwdriver remove the two air and dry, soft lint-free cloth. screws that hold the developer roller end cap to the toner hopper. (See Photo 31) Remove Step 36 the end cap. The next steps will fill the toner car- tridge with the supply roller in place using the Mag Funnel. Place toner cartridge into holding device or fix- ture. Place the Mag Funnel in the opening for the developer roller. Holding the Mag Funnel in one Photo 32 hand, pour the toner with the other Step 32 hand. (See Photo 35) NOTE: Look inside of toner car- Lift the developer roller from the toner car- tridge to ensure the agitator blade tridge. Remove the white bushings from the is not blocking opening. Move the ends of the developer roller. (See Photo 32) agitator drive gear to move the blade into the correct position. Step 33 Photo 35 Install the drive gear end on the developer roller axle into a drill motor and tighten in the chuck. Clean the developer roller using a lint- Photo 33 free cloth and 99% alcohol while the roller is rotating in the drill. (See Photo 33) Once the roller is clean, go over the roller again using distilled water and a soft lint-free cloth. Make several passes. Dry the roller using a dry, soft lint-free cloth. NOTE: The surface of the developer roller may change and become wrinkled. If properly cleaned, the developer roller will go back to its original state when finished with the cleaning process.
  6. 6. HP3500/3700 Technical Instructions 6 Photo 36 Step 37 Pour slowly to allow toner to settle into toner cartridge. Tap funnel and cartridge as needed Step 43 to move toner into cartridge. (See Photo 36) Clean the excess toner from the developer Install the three white gears onto roller and doctor bar area. the end cap. (See Photo 42) Photo 37 Photo 42 Step 38 Place the doctor blade onto a flat surface or a cleaning fixture. Clean the doctor blade using a lint free cloth and 99% alcohol. (See Photo 37) NOTE: Do not use pressure to clean the surface of the doctor blade. Wipe the surface of the blade until all the toner build up is removed from the blade. Do not bend the doctor blade. Visually inspect the doctor blade before reinstalling the blade onto the cartridge. Photo 38 Step 44 Step 39 Install the metal gear retaining plate Place the cleaned doctor blade into the toner onto the end cap. cartridge and install two Phillips screws to hold (See Photo 43) the blade in place. (See Photo 38) Photo 43 Photo 39 Step 40 Install the white developer roller bushings onto the shaft of the developer roller. Place the developer roller onto the toner hopper so the long end of the shaft is on the gear side of the hopper. (See Photo 39) Photo 40 Step 45 Step 41 Install the white developer roller Install the developer roller end cap onto the gear and the large black drive gear contact side of the cartridge and install the two onto the end cap. screws that hold the end cap in place. (See Photo 44) (See Photo 40) Photo 44 Photo 41 Step 42 Install the developer roller end cap on the gear side of the hopper. Install the two screws that hold the end cap in place. (See Photo 41)
  7. 7. 7 HP3500/3700 Technical Instructions Photo 48 Step 48 Place the contact end cap onto the toner hop- per and install the screw that holds the end Step 46 cap in place. (See Photo 48) Place the gear housing end cap onto the hopper. Install the two screws that hold the end cap in place. (See Photo 45) Step 49 Photo 49 Place waste hopper on the work bench so the drum is facing up. Align the toner hopper and waste hopper and join the two sections togeth- Photo 45 er. Check the tension spring on the back of the hopper to make sure it sits flat against the toner hopper. (See Photo 49) Step 50 Photo 50 Install the cartridge pins in each of the cartridge. (See Photo 50) NOTE: The large pin goes on the gear end of the cartridge. (See Photo 51) Photo 51 Step 47 Clean the contacts on contact side end cap using cotton swab and Anhydrous Isopropyl Alcohol. Photo 52 (See Photo 46) Apply contact grease to the devel- oper roller and supply roller con- tacts using the cotton swab stick end. (See Photo 47) Step 51 Photo 46 Attach the drum shutter tension spring to the shutter bar. (See Photo 52) Photo 53 Step 52 Attach the tension spring to the post contact side of the toner hopper and the post next to the drum shutter using a spring hook. (See Photo 53) Photo 47 Photo 54 Step 52 Replace the cartridge chip. (See Photo 54) E-mail: info@futuregraphicsllc.com Website: www.futuregraphicsllc.com
  8. 8. HP3500/3700 Technical Instructions 8 HP 3500/3700 In January of 2004, HP released two color laser printers into the North American market. The HP Color LaserJet 3500 and 3700 are based on a new Canon engine similar to that of the HP 4600. The single pass engine design enables the new printers to deliver 12ppm and 16ppm while printing either monochrome or color. While both machines use the same black cartridge, the color cartridges are different. The black cartridge, Q2670A, yields 6,000 pages at 5 % coverage. The color cartridges for the HP3500, Q2671A (cyan), Q2672A (yellow), Q2673A (magenta), yield 4,000 pages at 5 % coverage. The HP3700 color car- tridges, Q2681A (cyan), Q2682A (yellow), Q2683A (magenta), yield 6,000 pages at 5 % coverage. All the internal components are the same for all the cartridges the only difference is the chip and the cartridge fill weights.