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Evidence Driven Design

Slides from the talk I gave at the 2014 Seattle Product Camp. Presents 4 methods to include user experience research throughout the design process: Interviews, Concept Testing, RITE Testing, and the Desirability Toolkit.

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Evidence Driven Design

  1. 1. Evidence Driven Design
  2. 2. THANK YOU!
  3. 3. Resources – Books & Cards • Usability Testing Handbook – great resource about putting together a session guide and tips for moderating sessions. • Sketching the User Experience – great book about low fidelity prototyping. • Universal Methods for Design – Briefly explains 100 different research methods. • IDEO Method Cards – 51 different research methods listed on cards (also available as an app). • Adaptive Path Experience Mapping Guide
  4. 4. Resources - Articles • How to Run Live User Testing • How Many Test Users in a Usability Study?
  5. 5. Resources – Blink Blogs & Tools • Sample Size Calculator • The Fine Art of Experience Maps • Focus on What Users Do, Not What they Say • Choosing the Right Level of Fidelity for Your Wireframes
  6. 6. Resources – Seattle Meetups • UXPA • Seattle Information Architecture & UX Meetup • IXDA Seattle • Convey UX Conference (Hosted by Blink UX)