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Food by Federica lopriore

  1. 1. THE FOOD
  2. 2. The main reason is that cooking food over to 43-45 degrees Celsius causes:• Killing of digestive enzymes: Enzymes are important to digest the food we eat. Your body canproduce enzymes to digest cooked food, but it does so by spending a lot of energy. This is thereason why you often feel tired after a heavy meal and plentiful. In the long run the human bodyhas less and less ability to produce digestive enzymes and organs begin to function in slowmotion or cause sickness and disease also very serious.• A change in the pH of acidifying foods making them. One of the benefits of a raw food vegan dietis in fact the regularization of the level of acidity of the blood that will be more alkaline, ideal forthe human being in perfect physical health.• The conversion of minerals present in the food from organic to inorganic, much more difficult toabsorb by the body. Poor absorption of organic minerals can cause kidney stones, calciumsedimentation in unwanted areas and many other unpleasant incidents classified by modernmedicine with names of diseases rather bizarre.• Destroys most of the vitamins.• Destroys the life force. Eating cooked food means eating dead food. The dead food makes youfeel tired and heavy, while the raw and living food has a lot of energy vibrating inside and giveyou energy. A seed will sprout raw, cooked a seed no! When unripe fruit seize it continues tomature for weeks. The food cooked on the contrary starts to decompose after a few days.I think that these reasons are sufficient to explain to most people why we should incorporate moreraw food in our diet.The raw food supply voltage data is alive, it is the true model anti-aging food.
  3. 3. THE BOILED FOODOne of the most important advantages of boiled food is that thesefood products are free of all micro-organisms that can enter ourbody .one of the main advantages of cooked food is the ease andsimplicity with which it can be prepared. Boiled foods do not requirelong cooking time. Among the many important benefits of boiledfood, we can not ignore the factor digestibility. The Boiling makesfood products such as poultry and meat more digestible. Maintainingthe original color and nutritional value of food are the other benefitsof baked goods, which can be achieved, while keeping the total timeto boiling minim.Also the traditional advantages of boiled food, youshould also note that boiled food can be prepared in massand, therefore, this method of cooking is ideal for cooking large.
  4. 4. The Cooked Food• Consequences if you exceed a modest consumption of cooked food:• The life force of the food is greatlydepleted or destroyed.• The structure of biochemistry and nutritional makeup of the food is altered from its original state. Thefiber plant foods is divided into a soft substance, passive and loses its broom-like and magneticcleansing quality in the intestines.• • Nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) are depleted, destroyed, and altered. The degree ofdepletion, destruction and alteration is simply a matter of temperature, cooking method, and time.• • Up to 50% of the protein is coagulated. Much of this is rendered unusable. The high temperaturesalso create cross-links of proteins. Proteins are implicated in many problems in the body, in additionto being a factor of acceleration of the aging process.• • The interrelationship of nutrients is altered from its natural synergistic composition.• • The water content of the food is decreased. The natural structure of water is also changed.• • All the enzymes present in raw foods are destroyed up to 118 gradi.Questi enzymes, referred to as"food enzymes" are important for optimal digestion. They naturally aid digestion and are activated assoon as you cominciaa eat. Cooking destroys the 100% of these enzymes. The digestion of cooked foodusurps valuable metabolic enzymes in order to help digest food. Digestion of cooked food is muchmore energetically demanding than the digestion of raw food.• • After a meal cooked, there is a rush of white blood cells to the digestive system, leaving the rest ofthe body less protected from the immune system.• • There is a general increase in white blood cells in the blood and a change in the relative proportionsof the different blood cells. This phenomenon is called "digestive leukocytosis."• • The natural population of beneficial intestinal flora becomes dominated by putrefactive bacteria(especially from cooked meat), resulting in dysfunction of the colon, allowing the absorption of toxinsfrom the colon.
  5. 5. •. Cooked starches and fats in particular are a major culprit inconstipation and obstruction of the intestines.• Malnutrition at the cellular level. Because cooked foods are lower innutrients, in addition to contain the waste and toxins, the individualcells are not getting enough of the nutrients they need.• Tendency towards obesity through overeating. Because the cells donot get enough nutrients that are so to speak "always hungry", andthen "demand" more food. Cooked food is also less likely to beproperly metabolized, which is another factor in the increase ofexcess weight.• From time to time the body experiences detoxification crises (alsocalled purification or healing crisis). This happens when toxins arereleased or disposed of through the skin into the bloodstream forelimination by the liver, kidneys and other organs. Symptoms mayinclude headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, colds, bronchitis,sinusitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, etc.• The body can become so toxic that all types of particles, such aspollen, can cause the crisis detoxification, called "allergy". It isestimated that 80 million Americans suffer from such "allergies."• The immune system, having to manage the massive daily invasionsof toxins and toxic by-products, eventually becomes overwhelmedand weakened. A key factor in the aging process.
  6. 6. • Some of the waste material builds up in the arteries and clogs them,leading to hypertension, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, stroke, etc.- killing about 50% of Americans.• The waste, toxins, mutagens and carcinogens that accumulate withincells, as well as the daily onslaught of free radicals in excess maycause some cells to become cancerous - killing about 30% ofAmericans.• In general, the natural aging process is accelerated by the foodcooked. People who switch to raw food often become biologicallyand visibly younger.• Cooking food is plausible as a contributor to cancer. A wide varietyof chemicals are formed during baking. Four groups of chemicalsthat cause tumors in rodents have attracted attention because ofmutagenicity, power and concentration:• Nitrosamines are formed from nitrogen oxides present in the exhaustflames or other forms of combustione.Sorprendentemente littlework has been done on the levels of nitrosamines in meat or fishcooked in gas ovens and barbecues, considering their mutagenicand carcinogenic potential .• heterocyclic amines are formed by heating amino acids or proteins.• polycyclic hydrocarbons are formed by carbonization of meat.• Furfural and similar furans are formed by heating sugars. Grassoheating generates mutagenic epoxides, hydroperoxides, aldehydesand unsaturated, and can also be important.
  7. 7. THE ROASTEDFOODGrilling and healthy diet• The heat is able to alter the organic substances present in the dishes.When you consider that during cooking can reach temperatures closeto or even above 1000 degrees is easy to imagine how this alteration isconsistent.• In particular, the attention of nutritionists is paid not only to theimportant loss of heritage vitamin vegetables but especially to theformation of carcinogenic substances resulting from the burning ofthe external parts and in particular those fatter. In the scorched-stripescan be found derivatives of anthracene and benzopyrene, bothstrongly carcinogenic. Just think about it a little kg of grilled meatcontains the same amount of benzopyrene found in 600 cigarettes.• For this reason it is important to thoroughly clean the grid at the startand at the end of its use, grilling hurts and increases the risk of cancerof the colon and rectum. Really lethal, from this point of view, thecoupled grid more red meat, especially if you do not have the goodsense to avoid the greedy though scorched parts. It just the hightemperature and the browning of fats and other compounds thatgenerate the toxicity.
  8. 8. THE FAST FOODThe fast food is a type of food source and the main spread in Anglo-Saxon countries, served in local are called "fastfood", quick to prepare and consume. You can meet even fast food vendors that provide similar food and in the samemanner. Its a quick meal, a system for the rapid restoration that since the eighties had a wide spread worldwide. The first"shop" of fish and chips was opened in 1860 in England.This kitchen consists mainly of hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, french fries, pizzas, sandwiches but also from other foods derivedfrom ethnic cuisines such as fried onion and kebab, and suggests the massive use of different sauces such asmustard, mayonnaise and ketchup.Fast food is generally characterized by a relatively modest cost, by the uniformity of the service offered and the widedistribution of points of sale.The model proposed food from fast food involves mainly the younger age groups, but also an increasing proportion of adultswho for reasons essentially related to everyday working life, are increasingly used to this type of restaurant.In Latin countries, traditionally linked to Meticulous preparations and flavors and genuine products, fast food is oftenconsidered synonymous with poor diet, either because they consists of meals eaten in a hurry, even in walking ordriving, and for the bad quality and variety of ingredients and the abundance of elements fried, fatty, salty and sugary.The foods normally fall within the fast food, such as burgers, fries, fried chicken, are classified as those high in fat and / orrefined sugars and / or low in fiber and as such, especially when consumed frequently or in portions abundant, increasethe risk of obesity, which increases the risk of cancer .High consumption of fast food are predictors of elevated cholesterol levels, an important risk factor for heart attack, stroke anddiseases of the cardiovascular system.The foods offered in fast food, and especially the burgers and french fries, contain high amounts of trans fatty acids, which areassociated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease, the reduction in the concentration of HDL cholesterol (the so-called good cholesterol ), increase in low-density lipoproteins, increased triglycerides, balance disorder of prostaglandinsand promote insulin resistance, thereby increasing the risk of diabetes.