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The creative brief for the fusion


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Published in: Technology
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The creative brief for the fusion

  1. 1. Creative Brief
  2. 2. Product: Gillette Fusion
  3. 3.  The Refills are  In Australia it was expensive .The cost given the Golden for blades is over dumb award for ten dollar ! using to much The New York Times packaging . claims 5 blades is bad for your skin !Key Issue (problem)
  4. 4. The Gillette Fusion promises a closer shave then other brands.The Promise
  5. 5. The Gillette Fusion unlike other razors has 5 blades which means you get a much closer shave then apposed to the guy using the three blades.The Support
  6. 6. Our competition
  7. 7. Different Ad’s by Shcick
  8. 8. The TargetConsumerThe Fusion is for men who aretrying to look their very best.People who are likely to usethis product care about theirimage. This product is for menof all ages.
  9. 9.  Create awareness of the product. Increase sales of product.Desired Behavior
  10. 10. We want consumers to walk away with knowing they will get a close shave . And also know the money they spent on this product was well worth it .Target Net Impression
  11. 11. Since the reason many consumers don’t buy the fusion we want to take a more funny sarcastic approach to why people need the fusion in there liveTone & Manner