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Searching the Deep Web


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Searching the Deep Web

  1. 1. Val ForrestalS.C. Williams Library 11/9/11
  2. 2. What is the deep web? Dynamic content (usually stored in protected databases, changes frequently) Dynamic (session-based) or deep urls Files other than simple text-based formats (pictures, videos, software, PDFs) Content behind a paywall (subscription services like The New York Times or Wall Street Journal) Raw data (also stored in databases, requires a special “language” to query, like SQL) Social content (blog posts/comments, twitter/facebook/google+ updates, RSS feeds)
  3. 3. Deep web search tips: Vertical searching: there are search engines built specifically to index certain kinds of information Split level searching: you can do a general search to find the right search engine for a topic or kind of data Add the keywords database, directory or search to your query Instead of searching for animal, search for animal database, animal directory or animal search
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