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Why do Digital Marketing?

Through this slide one must understand the importance of Digital Marketing. The reason Digital Marketing career is the best choice is because of the future opportunities it has.

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Why do Digital Marketing?

  1. 1. Your Partner in Digital Media
  3. 3.  Attractive Jobs Opportunities in Digital Marketing  Digital marketing firms in Hyderabad say that there are more than 2000 job opportunities for Digital Marketing cited on different job portals.  This is despite the fact that most large brands and agencies do not advertise their Digital Marketing requirements.  Another interesting fact is that about 1700 of the 2000 jobs are for 'Social Media Marketing'. 
  4. 4.  Big money in Digital Marketing  Digital Marketing professionals earn a much higher average salary as compared to professionals from other industries.  The average payscale of a Digital marketing professional in India ranges between Rs 200,000 - Rs 11,00,000 annually.
  5. 5.  E-commerce industry grew dramatically in 2015  The digital commerce market in India touched the $16 billion mark by the end of the year 2015.  E-commerce is directly linked to the growth of the digital marketing industry.  The e-tailing is expected grow even more in the upcoming years. This will positively impact the digital marketing industry.  The above mentioned statistics speak about the growing opportunity for job and rewarding careers in Digital Marketing.
  6. 6.  India will have more than 500 million Internet Users in 2020  Companies that provide digital marketing services in Hyderabad claim that there will be a drastic growth in the number of online users by more than half a billion by the year 2018.  By the end of 2014, the total number was 190. There has been a significant increase in the numbers over the last decade. If the same speed is maintained, India will record more than 500 million users by 2020