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Job frustration


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Job frustration is one among the interesting topic in organisational behavior. This presentation gives you the detail about how to work on the natural unavoidable state of human behavior, from where it comes, how does it affects one,s behavior and how to control such frustration. This presentation also includes some content test and activities to explain the topic.

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Job frustration

  1. 1. A natural unavoidable feature of human life
  2. 2. Contents What is frustration? Where does frustration come from? How does frustration affects behaviour? How to manage frustration?
  3. 3. What is frustration? While achieving any goal it gives satisfaction, not achieving creates otherwise feelings producing a sense of deprivation in the person. This deprivation in a person may result in “Frustration” It is a resultant feel, caused by a sense of privation, deprivation, or conflict in relation to the goal- directed activities.
  4. 4. Where Does it Come From ?
  5. 5. ctivity Time!
  6. 6. The factors causing frustration are, ,where = the function f = Expectation to achieve a goal V = Valence (attractiveness of the goal) O = Opportunity to achieve the goal in near future I = Investment of effort and other inputs in achieving the goal P = Publicity on achieving the goal
  7. 7. Four behavior that is affected by Frustration Aggression Regression Flight Exploration
  8. 8. AggressionCommon reaction to frustration. It may take forms as follows General - kicking, knocking etc Target - towards boss or superior Self-directed- blaming oneself Displaced- Anger is directed on dependents like relatives or subordinates
  9. 9. Regression A return to a former or less developed state. It can also be previous mode of behaviour May take the form of Retrogression* *Retrogression- Reverting to one’s past behaviour
  10. 10. Flight Escapism It takes several forms like APATHY when one neglects frustration WITHDRAWAL, FANTASY and RATIONALISATION (like a baby catches shadow)
  11. 11. Exploration Solving the problems Explores with alternate strategies It can be done in several forms like finding alternatives, self action, action by others and joint action
  12. 12. 4 1 2 3 5 6 Aggression Aggression Regression Flight Exploration Exploration
  13. 13. How to manage Frustration? Diagnostic steps 1. To know the feelings of the frustrated employee 2. To share own feelings of disappointment Constructive steps 1. Physical effects 2. Social effects
  14. 14. Presented by Arina Disha Lekha Priyanka Senorita Shravanthi Vaishnavi