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How To Turn Investment Opportunity in Dholera Into Success


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Here, we have a tendency to bring for you a 3 section arrangement on the Land Investment Opportunity in Dholera. The ABCs of the DHOLERA SIR, why got to one place resources into Dholera SIR and UN agency all will profit by the venture. Thus, return be a chunk of the advancement and see together with your own eyes the instance of overcoming adversity.

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How To Turn Investment Opportunity in Dholera Into Success

  1. 1. Investment Opportunity In Dholera Low and Profitable Investment
  2. 2. What is Dholera SIR? • Dholera SIR – Special Investment Region is one of the biggest projects to develop Dholera to Metro City, After completing this project Dholera will be Gujarat’s First Smart City, in which we cover all modern facilities as a Other Smart Country. • Dholera is a town situated in Ahmedabad district in the Gulf of Khambhat. Strategically located, the Ahmedabad-Dholera industrial region lies within 100 km from Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) in Southern Gujarat. Dholera SIR is a major project under the DMIC Project with an aim to make it a global manufacturing hub supported by worldDMIC Project with an aim to make it a global manufacturing hub supported by world class infrastructure.
  3. 3. Opportunities in Dholera include To build the industrial parks, townships, knowledge cities Building infrastructure: road, rail, hospital, water, sanitation, tourism, and hospitality Set up the metro rail system & international airport Potential for development as a multi-modal transportationPotential for development as a multi-modal transportation hub due to lesser distance to all the northern Indian States. Build world class transport service foreign markets
  4. 4. Our Vision • Our vision is to enhance the wealth of shareholders, partners, stakeholders, employees and all other customers who are involved with us.
  5. 5. Our Mission • We are aiming for Creating, innovating and replicating the best practices in real estate industries.
  6. 6. Our Project • Dholera had been a flourishing port in Gujarat with a prosperous trade till early 18th century. The state government is planning to develop it as a Special Investment Region (SIR), the first in Gujarat.
  7. 7. Why Dholera? • Dholera is that the city in Gujarat state in Bharat having frightfully modest populace with 22 towns. It’s covered by water from the 3 sides. • The Japanese angle is Gulf of Khambhat, on the northern viewpoint is Bavaliari spring and on the southern perspective is Sonaria River. • The benefit of this town is it’s a hundred kilometer pretty much Ahmadabad town. • At present the Gujarat government is underneath taken this productive state being worked on for universal automated and trade focus.
  8. 8. Special EconomicZones Investment Management We are Offering Industrial Space ConsultingInvestment Management Solar Power Plant Consulting Residential Space
  9. 9. Contact Us 101 Mauryansh elanza, Nr. Parekh Hospital, Shyamal Cross Road, Ahmadabad - 380015 Gujarat.(INDIA) Call : 8522006429