Functions and features of trailers


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Functions and features of trailers

  1. 1. • A distribution company may release more than one trailer as part of there marketing campaign. They may release a teaser trailer in the early stage, these may be shown in cinemas and online.• These sort of trailers are shorter and are designed to “tease” the audience. By doing this a word of mouth campaign will begin where people tell there friends and family about the upcoming film.• Teaser trailers are followed up with theatrical trailers which are normally released 3-4 weeks before the films released, these trailers are normally shown at the cinema, on television or online.• Trailers may also be used for television advertising campaign, this is know as “TV spots”, this can be expensive though so they will be short cuts of the trailer. The campaign is designed to impact the audience in short space of time.
  2. 2. • The exhibitor using their knowledge of marketing and selects the trailers aimed at a similar target audience of the film hoping that it will attract them to watch the film.• When the cinemagoers returned, the same process is repeated so this this way a regular audience is established.• Classification is important as if a film is rated 15 then it cannot be shown to a younger audience but sometimes the trailers cut the unsuitable scenes for the younger audience hoping that an accompanying adult will come back and watch the film
  3. 3. • The internet is well established and plays s key role when it comes to marketing a film.• Websites like Internet Movie Database and Apple Movie Trailers are 2 of many websites which display trailers but are cut for a wider audience so a suitable age group is able to view them. This is important as on the internet there isn’t really a age restriction unlike the cinema• Generally underneath the trailer there is space were you are able to comment, also there are forum to discuss the latest film. In addition there are links to other film sites through blogging and social networks like Facebook. The internet allows the audience discuss a film prier to its release.• Online marketing is a effective way to advertise a film as most of the time the distributor doesnt have to do much as it is marketed by the audience, they choose who the audience or the film is which is shown as word of mouth.
  4. 4. • A trailers job is to give the audience information about the film, so:- Storyline- Actor/ Actresses- Genre• Genre is important when it comes to film marketing as it is up to the audience if they enjoy films which are similar to the trailer.• When we view a trailer we without knowing are decoding what we hear and see to establish the film’s genre, for example if we see a huge house in the middle of know where in the dark the audience will think that the genre of the film is horror.• If animations and bright colours are used we usually establish that it is a childrens film but a rapid beat to music builds suspense. These sort of elements are know a the convention of the genre.
  5. 5. • Sometimes a film will be a hybrid of more than one genre which will take more time to decide what the genre is. This helps to build the excitement of the film as the audience dont know what to expect.• Another way in which the genre of a film can be decided is by the actors used.• As a cinema-going audience we are used to seeing certain actors in certain genres, for example Jason Statham in action films and Jack Black in comedy.• The trailer always makes sure that the audience know who is starring in the film as this encourages the audience to go and watch the film.