Drag me to hell


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Drag me to hell

  2. 2. Connotation – There is a female Mise-en-scene – the model is wearing model screaming surrounded by a simple t-shirt with a casual jacket, fire with which looks like demon this suggest she is a typical average hands around her. You can see a working class woman which makes it house in the background. easier for the majority of the audience to relate to her(sympathise) Denotation – The model is as the main target audience will bescreaming whilst looking up and is young adults. The hands which arestanding in a arched position. The surrounding the model don’t look like hands we see around the model human hands suggesting that the refer to the “drag” part of the audience will see an unusual creature,films name as it looks like they are by doing this it will excite the trying to pull the model towards audience as they will be seeing the ground. The fire surrounding something they wouldn’t in the real the model is referring to “hell” as world. The hands look like they are the image of hell in peoples eyes dragging the model towards the fire is a place surrounded by terrible suggesting that they are trying to things in this case it is fire. The harm her, fire is a conventionalhouse on the background suggest element used in a horror film as it that this will be where the main connotates danger and evil. The parts of the film will occur as house in the background is a typical conventionally in horror film we scene used in a horror film as itsee houses where good fights evil. shows the hero being victimised in there own comfort zone. Colours – the main colours used are black, red, orange, white and shades of grey. The colours red and orange Main image – the main image is of the are used to represent the evil part of model surrounded by fire with hands the film as it is used for the fire, also around her body. The model is the colours stand out which makes it screaming and seems very appealing to the audience as it becomes more visually appealing to uncomfortable which suggest that shethe audience. Another way the poster is suffering, according to Proppsis made more appealing to the eyes is theory she is the hero who is fightingby using contrasting colours black and against the villain who are the hands white, the colour black creates around the models body. enigma whereas white creates purity which are completely opposite. Thecolour grey has been used to create a balance between the colours.
  3. 3. Typeface/ Text – the tagline for the film gives the audience a small glimpse about the who the main character is e.g. “Christine Brown has a good job” this allows the audience to have a connection with the main character before watching the film. The words “good”, “great” and “bright” allsuggest that the character life is at that moment is going well and that she ishappy and settled, by using the word “But” it is implying that it’s all going to change. “going to hell” is suggesting that something unpleasant is going to happen to her as “hell” is a indication of Propp’s theory of evil. “But inthree days she’s going to hell” will create questions in the audience mind as they will be thinking why is she going to hell? What has she done? Etc. The actual masthead of the poster is in big and bold writing this will draw the audience attention towards the poster instantly. The credits are positioned under the masthead as this is the last part the audience will look at as they will work their way down from the tagline line where they will be alreadydrawn towards the film. Also the credits are not really the main focus when looking at a poster due to that the colours of the credits is orange so hey slightly blend in with the colour of the fire. “coming soon” has been included but a date hasn’t been given this will make the audience anxious about the release date of the film. The general typeface for the poster is simple this has been done so that themain focus of the poster is the main image as it is powerful and conveys thefilm in a appropriate way. The font for the masthead is think and simple andhas cracks which can be a representation about the main character as she isgoing to have something creating cracks in her life, by doing this it is adding a horror element to it which will make it easier for the audience to recognise the horror genre. The font for the tag line is also thin and simplethis makes it easier for the audience to quickly read it when passing by. The masthead and tag line is in white this has been done so that it creates a contrast with the background allowing it to stand out. Target audience/Genre – the target audience for this film would be youngadults aged 15+ who like to watch horror films. The sub-genre for the film isthriller this has been shown through the main image as it creates a sense of excitement for the audience as they want to know who is that with its hands around the model.
  4. 4. Main image Rule of thirds states that theaudience first focus on the left third of an image. For this image on the left third we see the models mouthwhich shows her screaming, also we can see one hand holding onto the models necklace which. All this this straight away gives a glimpse of the genre of the film to the audience. I think that conventions have been challenged as the main elements have been included in the middlethird of the poster, this includes the majority of the main image and the tagline, this has worked well as themain image is very powerful as it givea accurate view on what the film will be like. Tag line Masthead Credits Website