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Audience research

  1. 1. Audience ResearchI will be using a audience produced platform (Facebook) to carryout my research. The reason for this is:-Can be accessed 24/7-Millions of people have access to the internet so it’s non costeffective-Its not formal  so will get a honest and unbiased response- Facebook can be accessed using different technologicalconvergences e.g. Smartphones, laptops/computers and internetand web browsing-Facebook is known to be a push media due to the adverts the usersare focused to access, but I will be using Facebook as a pull media asI will be individually questioning my audience which allows them toappreciate the way I am presenting the information to them.
  2. 2. Audience research conclusion•Above are some of the results I received from doing my audience research. Iquestioned approximately 18 people who are aged 15+•The results which I received were similar between the people I asked•I will be displaying my results in graphs to give a visual effect•I have not included all the results from my audience research but the graphs which iwill create will convey my over all results
  3. 3. Question 1) Conventions From my research I have found that the main image colour title convention which attracts the audience is the main image this can be as the image is what give the genre away e.g. 17% Genre - Romance Conventions: 50% -Closeness – shows love -Bright colours – normally used33% for romance films -The colour pink is girly which is who is genre is mainly aimed atI have to agree with the audience when it comes to the image being the main element tomake a film poster successful this is because the image give a strong meaning to what thefilm is going to be. If you were too see a male/female covered in blood you wouldinstantly think the film will involve a brutal killing and fighting.
  4. 4. Question 2) From my research I have found that the majority of Main image the audience prefer there to be one model on theOne model More than one model cover of the magazine. This is because: -Conventionally there is always one person on a 11% horror poster -If there is more than one person on the poster then it will distract the audience from what the film is about. -By having more than one person on a trailer it represents a different genre than horror e.g. a romantic comedy -Also one of the people I asked said that having one image suggest isolation. This is a key factor 89% when representing a horror trailer as the main character has to seem as if there is something strange about them.
  5. 5. Question 3) Colour black and red white grey green Like I expected the main colours which the audience prefer to see on a horror poster are black and red. This is because theses 6% 2% two colours are the main colours which are used on a horror trailer. For example:6% Looking at both of these poster you can 86% instantly identify that the genre for these films are horror.
  6. 6. Question 4) Image and text The target audience for our media product area lot of text and small image less text and large image young adults. They prefer there to be less text and a large image this is because a large part of the current generation prefer to look at images 2% then read large amounts of text. Also on all the horror posters I have analysed I have found that there is normally a large image and small amounts of text. The image here has taken up the majority of the page. The main colours 98% here are dark which is a convention for a horror poster.
  7. 7. Question 5) When asking the audience about the Typeface sort of font they prefer on a horror simple distorted poster I got a fairly even response. I think this happened as horror posters have a mixture of both simple and distorted font. The use of these fonts depends of how the main image is. 44% The font used for this poster is simple is due to56% the fact that the main image successfully conveys the conventions of a horror film.
  8. 8. Question 6) Features typical unusual From my audience research i have found that a large amount of the audience like to see typical features on a horror poster as this 28% helps them to instantly recognise the genre they are looking at. Horror posters should have the conventions which are normally seen when looking at one as this creates the mood of the film straight away in the audience mind.72%