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audience feedback

  1. 1. Promotional Package Feedback
  2. 2. Feedback for Magazine and Poster- For the magazine and poster feedback I used Facebook as the target audience use social networking on a daily base, also as Facebook has over 500 million users it would be the most effective way for feedback.
  3. 3. Feedback for Trailer- For the trailer feedback I asked my audience their opinion verbally as they were watching the trailer so I would be able to see their instant reaction.
  4. 4. “WOW! That was really good, I really like the music you used itcomplimented the video well. You should be proud.” – Reena Patel“ The trailer grabs my attention straight away, that’s how it should Be” – Amarjot Kaur“ I would love to walk this film, only if you guys made a real film it would be amazing.” – Arun Garcha “ Now that what I call a really well constructed trailer. You guys really thought about the order .” – Soyaba Mughal“ I like the theme of split personality, its different to what you see in horror films these days.”– Harkirat Panesar
  5. 5. “ Overall I really enjoyed the trailer but it would have been good if you included some speak.” – Sona Pandya “I like the music you have used for the trailer but it would have sounded better if it flowed more.” – Bharat Patel“ The trailer has a good build up to it but I think it should have been slightly longer.” – Jasmine Gill “ The way you associated the video and music works really wellespecially the bit with all the fast clips. I would have liked it better if you showed off her personality a bit more.” – Navneet Mookar
  6. 6. What I learnt form audience feedback After carrying out my audience feedback I have received some constructive criticism, I will be making changes to my media package according to the feedback I have received. I will be making two changes to my media products: -Changing the font of the tagline and website on the poster tomake it relate to the narrative more, I will add a font which has asketchy effect to refer back to Rosie Black who is seen sketching in her book in the trailer.-On the magazine I am going to add one more cover line to make the magazine look busier.