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What is Self publishing?


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What is Self publishing?

  1. 1. What is Selfpublishing?
  2. 2. Self publishing isprocess whereauthor publisheshis own workinstead ofdepending on apublisher!
  3. 3. Advent of new generation digital printers have made self publishing affordable! No Upfront costs!
  4. 4. Digital Printing - no Upfront cost = + Cost of printing Cost ofCost of printing 2000 1000 printingbooks books 1000 books
  5. 5. Unit printing cost remains the same with increase in number of books = =Cost per Cost per Cost perbook when book when book whenprinting printing printing3000 books 2000 books 1000 books
  6. 6. • Self publisher can print smaller quantities of his books.• Based on the readers response he can reprint the required copies when ever required• Author can also modify content based on the readers feedback and reprint the book with no additional cost
  7. 7. Unlike Traditional Publishing• Your script will never be rejected• You hold the rights for the books.• You get the whole profit made out of the book instead of the 10-20% royalty paid by the publishers• You also hold the digital and movie rights
  8. 8. By Self Publishing your book• You would attain fame as a published author• You can become an entrepreneur and earn money• You can test your writing skills and get feedback from diverse people• You have chance that your book would be noticed by major publisher and your next book could be published by them
  9. 9. Amish Tripathi self published ‘TheImmortals of Meluha’ before it was picked up by Westland.Ashwin Sanhi self published his first book ‘The Rozbal Line’ and it got noticed byWestland. His next book ‘Chankya’s chant’ was published by Westland.Even John Grisham had self published his ‘A time to kill’.
  10. 10. ZooZooyou could self publish your book!!!
  11. 11. The legend says that Vyasa, the author of the world’s longest epic Mahabaratha, wanted someone to help him write the Mahabaratha. He approached Lord Ganesha and requested his help to write the epic. Ganesha broke his tusk and used it as a pen to write the world’s longest epic.Hence Lord Ganesha, writing with his Ivory pen, started the first selfpublishing service for budding authors.Now, is here to help budding authors publish their books.