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Vaigunda Raja SAP-ABAP Experienced


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Vaigunda Raja SAP-ABAP Experienced

  1. 1. VAIGUNDA RAJA.S Phone: +94 755790960, Email: +91 9551769181 Skype: vaigundaraja65 Working as “SAP ABAP Consultant” Career Objective: To obtain a meaningful and challenging position that enables me to gain Hands on expertise on SAPTechnical growth. Professional Summary:  Gained 2Years 6 Months of Experience in SAP-ABAP.  Involved in 2 Implementation, 1 Support from Onsite, offshore Support.  Involved Onsite Implementation for SAP ABAP Jobs on this country Sri Lanka.  Have live experience in the mentioned objects  ABAP Dictionary objects.  Reports: Normal ALV Report , Interactive ALV Report , ALV Grid using OOPS classes , Drag and drop , Edit , Events in Oops Concept, ALV Grid tree.  Forms: SMARTFORM, Events in Smart Forms, Calculation: count, sum, average etc and Script.  Conversion: BDC Program- Call Transaction, Session method, with and without recording, BAPI.  Interface: Normal Web service, PI-ABAP Job on classes, RFC Connection.  Enhancement: Intrinsic enhancement, extrinsic enhancement, user Exit, customer exit, BADI Implementation, Custom BADI with filter options, screen exit flow logic, routine for pricing conditions.  Dialog Programming: Module Pool Programs layout, Table controllers, Table maintenance generator with event programs, chain validation, events, sub screen, model dialog box, Selection screen.  Debug: Standard program debugging, session break point, external break point, tracing global variables, setting break points while debugging.  Oops knowledge: creating local classes, global classes, Interfaces, Methods, Oops coding and concepts.  Process Integration ABAP Job: Coding knowledge on PI-Interfaces to process the data for external system which is mapped with PI.  BI ABAP Job: Routine Written and data transfer program from BPC to BI environment.  BPC ABAP Job: Custom BADI to implement the logic for BPC with filter concepts, dynamic data structure logic according to the BPC dimensions.  Coding Knowledge: Field Symbol, performance tuning logic.  Work Flow: Basic knowledge on work flow.  Having expecting communication skill and experience on Interaction with clients regarding RICEF objects. Experienced From Nov-13 2013 to till Date SAP ABAP Technical consultant
  2. 2. VAIGUNDA RAJA.S Phone: +94 755790960, Email: +91 9551769181 Skype: vaigundaraja65 Project-4 Name of the Project DippedProducts PLC, Srilanka Position SAP ABAP-TechnicalConsultant Environment SAP ECC 6.0 Industry Manufacturing Location Srilanka Description Implementation- Onsite Responsibilities Developed Tool - Planning Tool Purpose: Constrain based planning with capacity leveling, scheduling, live synchronization,material grouping and production work center selection. Cross plant planning with packing material allocation and purchase requisition creation and deletion on non-availability. Based on the planning plant and Delivery date sales orderhasbeen created. Allocation of production Tool according to the production capacity and material size. Automatic creation of production orderon certain period. Technical: Tool has build using combination of module pool programming,object oriented (OO) ALV report, global and local classes. - Dashboard Purpose: Displays detailed summary for production with respective work-center. Based on the urgent delivery or production issuesbefore production start, planner can transfer the sales order fromone plant to other plant or some other date or wok center. Technical: Dynamic OO ALV gird Layouts based on total numberof work-centers fora plant. For actions,ALV eventsand toolbars are used. Module Pool Program  BOM Formulation Smartforms  Print layouts for Go-Live critical forms  Check Printing using F110 ( Automatic Payment transactions ) Reports  Stock ageing and Stock summary Dynamic OO ALV Report  Planning details report with sales order creation.  Grading Summary Report  Packing Material allocation report with Stock transfer function  Chlorination and Pad print Plan Dynamic OO ALV Report.  Former Allocation Report using Dynamic OO ALV.
  3. 3. VAIGUNDA RAJA.S Phone: +94 755790960, Email: +91 9551769181 Skype: vaigundaraja65  Working on Interactive and editable ALV OOPS concepts Reports with all events like click (Double, Single, hotspot), Custom toolbar Buttons, F4 help, Dropdown list, Change data Protocols, Top-of-page, Coloring and containers (Custom, Docking, Splitter). Custom Class  Pad Print Plan  Chlorination Plan Enhancements  Added Custom filed Tab in CO01, VA01, VL01, QA01, MM01, MIGO, ME21N, and ME51N.  Added Custom fields in following Transaction COOIS,MB5B, QA32.  Scheduling type change, routing selection based on work center availability, Scheduling date change while planning material using transaction MS02, MD02.  Create Routine Using VOFM.  Change document enhancement for insert and delete details.  Added Custom F4 help in customer master port number field.  Enable or disable Measuring Point is counter based on Measuring Point Category using transaction IK01.  VOFM User wise Discount limit BAPI  Sales Order Creation, Change, Delete (VA01, VA02).  Production order Creation, Change, and TECO (CO01, CO02).  Routing Creation (CA01)  BOM Creation, Change, Delete (CS01, CS02).  Inspection Characteristics Creation(QS21). BDC  Product Group Creation (MC84) using session method.  G/L Creation (FS00). RFC  Production Conformation (CO11N).  Goods Movement (MIGO).  Inspection Lot Creation(QA01) TMG  Dynamic Description for Fields.  Dynamic Field enables or Disable based on other table data.  Filed Level Validation  Cluster View Lock Object  Created Table Write lock. PI  Worked in PI (SPROXY) Programming.
  4. 4. VAIGUNDA RAJA.S Phone: +94 755790960, Email: +91 9551769181 Skype: vaigundaraja65 Project-3 Name of the Project Thomas cook Position SAP ABAP-TechnicalConsultant Environment SAP ECC 6.0 Industry Travel & Travel related services Location Mumbai, India Description Support – Onsite Responsibilities Reports  Vender and Customer ageing report using OOPS ALV.  Customer and Vender Balance Display report using Tab ALVOOPS.  Profit Center wise trail balance Report.  Profit and loss report Using ALV Tree.  Various FI Reports. BDC  Post the FI document various FI transitions like FB01, F-02,F-51,F-30 ect using Session BDC with AL11.  Vender and Customer master Creation.  G/L Account Creation. User exit:  Park and post document validation based on user and amount using GGB0.  Pass default Profit center based on G/L Account using substitution GGB1. Project-2 Name of the Project Crompton Greaves Position SAP ABAP-TechnicalConsultant Environment SAP ECC 6.0 Industry Manufacturing Location Mumbai, India. Description Implementation Project – Offshore Responsibilities Smartforms  Invoicing Check List  Delivery Note Reports  Region wise Invoice report Dynamic OO ALV report.  Mail Invoice Text While Creating Invoice  On time Delivery Report User exit:  Customer Credit Check validation for VF01(Invoice creation )
  5. 5. VAIGUNDA RAJA.S Phone: +94 755790960, Email: +91 9551769181 Skype: vaigundaraja65 Project – 1 Name of the Project APAC (Hayleys advantis, Shalimar Paints, Cravatex, Amby valley,Fino, sara logistics,TCMOL ect. ) Position SAP ABAP-TechnicalConsultant Environment SAP ECC 6.0 Industry Group of Companies Location Mumbai, India. Description Support Responsibilities  Support various clients  Upload folder data from BPC to BI.  BPC BADI Custom Logic.  MIGO Posting date validation based on delivery.  Check Printing FCH5.  Cash Journal smartform for FBCJ.  Routine Restrict return billing document to create sales order  Solved more than 90 + Tickets via the ticketing tool Adminitrack and report, Smartforms developments. Experience: Company/Concern Name Designation Periods Prism Informatics Ltd, Location: VASHI , Mumbai Deputy Consultant SAP-ABAP 1st -Apr-2014 to till date Prism Informatics Ltd, Location: VASHI , Mumbai Intern SAP-ABAP 13-Nov-2013 to 1st -Apr-2014 Educational Qualification:  B.E (Computer Science & Engineering ) from Anna University, Chennai with 65% in 2012.  12th (State Board) from Government Hr Sec School, Kottaram with 81.25% in 2008.  10th (State Board) from Government High Sec School, Variyoor with 87.6% in 2006 Personal Information Father’s Name : Sree Ramalingam Mother’s Name : Krishnamani. Date of Birth : 24th-Jan-1990. Address : 17/22A Paulkulam, Variyoor(PO) ,Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, India.