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Remote Job Or 9 Hours Office? | Covering Indians' Stories at WordCamp Pune 2019



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Vaidehi Singh Sharma discussed the difference between a professional working on a remote job versus a professional working in a full-time office-based job. This was an interactive session where Vaidehi shared some stories around these two kinds of work environments. The stories covered in this talk were funny, extremely emotional, sometimes disheartening, had too much drama, and covered the topics that might have disturbed those who creates and nurtures taboos. However, the themes of all the stories were WordPress.

This talk was in Hinglish (Hindi+English). It was useful to those who were willing to see both sides of a coin and above all, loves stories!

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Remote Job Or 9 Hours Office? | Covering Indians' Stories at WordCamp Pune 2019

  1. 1. Remote Job Or 9 Hours Office? Covering Indians’ Stories
  2. 2. Who am I? My Name: VaiduS (Vaidehi) Loves: Writing, Dancing, & Learning Works as: a Freelancer Twitter: @vaidus | Email: | Blogs: &
  3. 3. Some questions that must be hitting your brain right now! How is this talk related to WordPress? Why is it important to talk about remote jobs or office-based jobs? Does she work remotely or here to throw some fancy words on remote work? What will I take from this talk? Twitter: @vaidus | Email: | Blogs: &
  4. 4. Challenges Peer pressure, anxiety, imposter syndrome, family & responsibilities, people’s perspective, confusions, communication challenges, how-to proceed… etc. etc. etc. Twitter: @vaidus | Email: | Blogs: &
  5. 5. Some Random Daily Stories! Twitter: @vaidus | Email: | Blogs: &
  6. 6. I’m An Ideal Woman! She is married since 6 years. She is a daughter, sister, friend, colleague, girlfriend, wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and whatnot! Isn’t she working? ‘NO!’ That’s what people say! Let’s find out the truth ➔ She studied Arts. ➔ She’s a blogger and works for loads of companies. ➔ She takes social media marketing projects. ➔ She works from home. Twitter: @vaidus | Email: | Blogs: &
  7. 7. I’m Not So Good! ➔ He is a B.Tech 2nd-year student. ➔ He loves developing WordPress websites. ➔ He is an active member of the WordPress community. ➔ He wants to make money to support his family by funding his fees. But he can’t! Why? ➔ IMPOSTER SYNDROME! ➔ Judging Eyes! ➔ High Expectations only in exam results. Twitter: @vaidus | Email: | Blogs: &
  8. 8. I’m Good In Cooking But Not Feeding! ➔ She is an MBA by education. ➔ She loves cooking. ➔ Her parents want her to get married as she is least interested in getting a job. ➔ She gets lots of appreciation for her cooking skills from the families who come to meet her… oopppsss… ‘see her’ with their not so capable to cook sons but she is not interested in marriage! So, what does she do? She shares her recipes online and makes money sitting at home. Wow, That’s Easy & So Cool! Is that what you’re thinking too? Stop before you become self-proclaimed unorthodox Person! Twitter: @vaidus | Email: | Blogs: &
  9. 9. Remote or 9 Hours Office Based Job? Twitter: @vaidus | Email: | Blogs: &
  10. 10. Thank You! Let’s connect at: Twitter: @vaidus Blogs: & Email: &