kota super thermal power plant (kstps)


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did training from kota super thermal power plant this is the one ppt you are lokking from

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kota super thermal power plant (kstps)

  1. 1. Presentation On Practical Training & Industrial Visit Submitted By: Shubham Jain IV B.Tech Electrical Engg. SWAMI KESHWANAND INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY M&G
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • In Kota Super Thermal Power Station electricity is generated. • The project was proposed by Central Electric Authority of India in April, 1973. • The project was revised in 1975 and approved in Sep., 1976. • At first two units were installed each producing 110 MW of power. • The first estimated cost was Rs. 143 Crores.
  3. 3.  LOACTION : Sakatpura, Kota  CAPACITY : 1240 MW.  GENERAL LAYOUT : 1. Fuel And Ash Circuit. 2. Air And Gas Circuit. 3. Feed Water Steam Circuit. 4. Cooling Water Circuit.  FUEL USED : Coal  SOURCE OF COAL : BCCL, SECL & ECL  SOURCE OF WATER : CHAMBEL RIVER
  4. 4. STAGE I 2x110 MW STAGE Il 2x210 MW STAGE Ill 1x210 MW STAGE IV 1x195 MW STAGE V 1x195 MW
  5. 5. Coal Storage Coal Handling Plant Ash Storage Ash Handling Plant Boiler Super Heater Economizer Air Pre-heater Turbine Chi mn ey Feed Water Heater Deaerator Cooling Tower Make up Water Air Coal Ash COAL ASH STEAM WATER FLUE GASES Altern ator Condenser Exciter
  6. 6. COAL HANDLING PLANT  The coal is brought to the KSTPS through rails.  There are fourteen tracks in all for transportation of coal through rails.  Everyday 3 to 4 trains of coal are unloaded at KSTPS.  The approximate per day consumption at KSTPS is about 3074 tones.
  7. 7. WAGON TRIPLER  Wagons From the coal yard come to the tippler and are emptied here.  The process is performed by a Slip ring motor of rating 55KW, 415V, 1480 RPM.  This motor turns the wagon by 150 degree and coal falls directly on the conveyor through vibrators
  8. 8. WATER TREATMENT PLANT  The principle problem in high pressure boiler are corrosion are steam impurities.  These impurities form deposit over turbine blades and nozzels.  Corrosion costs power station crores in repair
  9. 9. BOILER Temperature of Super Heated Steam – 540’c Pressure-144 kg/cm*cm • Boilers are used for electrical power generation, heat energy is released from the combustion of fuels. • BHEL make direct fired natural circulation balanced draft tube boilers are used here, having capacity of 375 tones/hour and efficiency of 86.6%.
  11. 11. Steam Flow HP Turbine IP Turbine LP Turbine  It convert heat energy of steam into mechanical energy and drive generator.  It uses the principle the steam when issuing from a small opening attains a high velocity.
  12. 12. GENERATORS
  13. 13. TRANSFORMER  Transformer is a static device which is used to change the voltage level keeping the power and frequency same.  In the whole plant there are about 83 transformer installed at various places to operate the auxiliaries.  Main transformers, which are necessary: 1. To step up the generated voltage. 2. To supply power to the auxiliaries from the generator. 3. To start the plant by taking the supply from the grid
  14. 14. Fly ash (80%). Used for making bricks. Cement. Bottom ash (20%) Used to improve fertility. Roads. BOILER –FLY ASH PRODUCESD E.S.P. – BOTTOM ASH (in small amount)
  15. 15.  In KSTPS hydrogen cooling system is employed for generator cooling.  Hydrogen is used because of its superior cooling properties & flow density.  Thermal conductivity of Hydrogen 7.3 times of air.  Water Cooling is also used to cooling system.
  16. 16.  Two 220 KV bus bars have been provided in switch yard and are inter- connected through a bus coupler  Two step down transformer each feeding 6.6 KV system  12 Feeders